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Tori Paulman

Tori Paulman

Sr Director Analyst
Tori Paulman is a Research Analyst in Gartner's Employee Experience Technology team covering digital workplace strategy, employee experience, and hybrid workplace experience applications. Prior to joining Gartner, Tori has extensive career experience as a leader of employee experience, technology adoption, and employee resilience. They offer differentiated depth and breadth of knowledge in industries ranging from software development, entertainment, higher education, financial services, and professional services.

Tori's focus is on ensuring that employees have a validating, supportive, and engaging experience with work. They help Gartner clients achieve their goals for employee experience by sourcing and implementing the right combination of Smart Office technologies supported by cultural practices to support their employees to be productive and happy at work. Tori is passionate about the importance of inclusion and facilitating opportunities for people to have positive interactions with technology that makes their work, and lives, better.

Tori has spent more than 25 years in IT roles cultivating an empathetic IT methodology which seeks to balance the narrative that so often focuses on the adoption of new tools and drives the conversation back to the most valuable asset of your organization, people. Their work centers on the human experience, because they believe that fostering innovative performance requires that Digital Workplace programs must be focused on something deeper than user experience, they must be focused on the human experience.

Years of Experience:
- 2021 beginning at Gartner
- 25 years in IT industry
- 7 Years Financial Services
- 7 Years Entertainment
- 6 Years Retail
- 5 Years Professional Services for Non-Profit and Higher Education
- 1 Year Software Development, specifically BPM
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