Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

April 26 – 27, 2021 | Americas | Virtual

Digital Workplace Transformation:
The Key to a Modern Digital Workplace

Organizations have discovered a newfound respect for IT during the pandemic due to its ability to preserve workforce continuity amid a rapid shift to mandatory work-at-home situations. The digital workplace is no longer “nice to have,” it is now critical to achieve and maintain digital resiliency.

Join us virtually at Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2021, April 26 – 27, to gain insights into remote work learnings, shifts to collaboration and embedded artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, and strategies to effectively and efficiently enable the return to work. Leave with actionable insights to accelerate workforce productivity, improve employee experience, and create a workplace built for collaboration to respond today and thrive tomorrow.

Future of work

Lead the workplace with emerging trends and the latest predictions surrounding the future of work. Explore advances in workstream collaboration, meeting solutions and content management.


Manage your digital workplace program through multiple stages of maturity, including how to build ongoing relationships with business stakeholders, handle budgets and make the case for investment.

Workplace technologies

Workplace technologies are advancing rapidly while the demand for global collaboration increases. Join us to ensure your organization is prepared to take advantage of what the future brings. 

The challenge of remote work rises as the boundaries of the workplace fall away. Take this moment to redefine how work gets done. Join us at our virtual conference for the latest research and advice from Gartner experts to help you prevail.

Adam Preset

Senior Director Analyst and Conference Chair

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    Join a global community of digital workplace leaders and IT executives

    Advance your thinking as a strategic leader with the skills and knowledge to develop the digital workplace needed to productively thrive in digital business. Bring your vision to life with the best mix of insights and research-backed sessions to help you cut through the hype and dive deeper into areas that drive results. This conference is designed for:

    Create and execute an effective digital workplace strategy while driving digital business transformation
    • Demonstrate ROI for digital workplace initiatives.
    • Promote outcome-based metrics and new models for measuring effectiveness.
    • Adapt digital workplace strategy and programs to respond to external and internal dynamics.
    • Enhance employee experience by bridging IT, HR and facilities.
    Support new ways of working after a business transformation
    • Redesign the workplace experience to enable work inside and outside the office.
    • Create an architectural roadmap for successful digital workplace initiatives. 
    • Analyze where and how employees work to streamline activities.
    • Recommend organizational changes necessary for digital workplace success.
    Uncover critical insights on the impact of new technology on workplace strategy
    • Drive new work-from-home standards and mobile initiatives. 
    • Optimize for cost on an uncertain economic timeline.
    • Co-develop best practices with the business. 
    • Protect and secure the organization’s information while providing access from anywhere.
    Provide an integrated employee experience to make business applications easier and more effective to use
    • Adapt to the new demands of remote and frontline workers.
    • Eliminate barriers to remote team collaboration.
    • Enable innovation, experiments and new use cases.
    • Improve user experience to drive technology adoption and productivity. 

    Topics at a Glance

    Access more than 50 hours of the latest Gartner research specifically designed to help digital workplace leaders accelerate workplace productivity and agility. Each topic discussion helps you deliver on what matters most to you and your organization.

    Collaboration Tools & Platforms

    Content collaboration is a key component of the new work nucleus. Discover which content collaboration tools provide a modern replacement for the file system, and help employees access and use content in their day-to-day activities.

    User Experience Design

    A poor digital experience results in a poor customer experience (CX), whether internal or external. Learn how to meet your business’s need for a consistent, integrated and versatile approach to CX across a range of engagement scenarios, audiences, channels and devices.

    Digital Workplace Strategy

    Every organization knows the importance of a digital workplace and aims to improve their own. Learn how to deliver business capabilities that enable employees to work effectively, helping the workplace to support the organization’s digital transformation ambitions.

    AI and Future of Work

    AI is reshaping the skills organizations need to get work done. Discover the latest data and insights on AI’s impact on skill needs and guidance on how leaders can drive strategy to future-proof the workforce.

    Modern Remote Access

    Organizations can no longer dictate what types of devices are used to access critical applications and data. Users want better experiences as they choose devices and switch between them. Learn how to provide a modern and flexible experience while maintaining security.

    Workplace Analytics

    Business leaders are now using workplace analytics to measure and improve teamwork and overall performance. Hear the latest insights about workplace analytics tools that can provide insights at various levels, from devices to employees to teams and organizationwide.

    Smart Workplace

    A smart workspace is a key aspect of a digital workplace initiative. To be successful, organizations need to revisit design strategies to include methods for gaining a better understanding of how people participate in physical spaces or adhere to social distancing.

    Digital Adoption Solutions

    Digital adoption solutions are evolving at a fast pace. Discover how these solutions can increase usage of multiple-point solutions, help employees gain efficiency, and provide a faster time to full performance for new hires and overall business productivity.


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