Evolve IGA to support higher levels of automation

Identity governance and administration (IGA) is the largest investment that most IAM programs will make. It’s also the highest risk IAM technology to deploy. 

IGA deployment efforts are about 80% business process automation, yet organizations continue taking tool-centric implementation approaches and underestimating efforts involving people and processes.

Hyperconnected digital business environments are forcing organizations to manage large numbers of users across many different applications, platforms and operating systems. Most organizations struggle to handle this proliferation of identities and systems. Implemented carefully, today’s increasingly cloud-delivered IGA solutions can help you successfully reign in digital era identity challenges.

Recommended sessions on the agenda include:

  • Leveraging Gartner's IGA Deployment Model Toolkit
  • Guidance for Successful IGA Deployments
  • Establish an Agile Model for IGA App Onboarding
  • Modernize Your IGA Solution Architecture
  • Demystify Analytics and Enable Governance on the Fly
  • Ask the Expert: Preparing for Future IGA Technologies
  • Tutorial: IAM Leaders Guide to IGA
  • Workshop: Selecting the Right IGA Solution
  • Workshop: Deploying IGA Platforms — Stories From the Trenches
  • Lead the Way With Agile for IAM Program Initiatives

Key IGA topics on the agenda include:

  • IGA emerging requirements to build the proper foundation
  • Navigate IGA as a massive risk, undertaking and investment 
  • Comprehend global implications 
  • How to incorporate IGA into existing processes
  • Define data management strategy, control access for data archiving
  • How the IGA vendor landscape and capabilities are evolving
  • Next-generation IGA solutions to support cloud, mobile, DevOps, artificial intelligence, analytics and cybersecurity
  • Using robotic process automation (RPA) and bots to extend automation opportunities for IGA solutions


Integrate Your Cloud Security Posture With Identity and Access Management

Cloud services can become a vulnerability to an organization’s threat protection and data security strategy if mishandled. Although IAM programs protect the front door of sanctioned applications, they do not protect against unsanctioned applications. This is where cloud access security brokers (CASBs) can bridge the gap.

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