Media and association partners

Our partners are carefully selected for their affinity and alignment with Gartner products and services. Specifically, each partner provides valuable editorial, advertising and promotional coverage for our conferences in return for exposure to our delegates and exhibitors.

National Cyber Security Alliance 

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) is the nation's leading nonprofit, public-private partnership promoting cybersecurity and privacy education and awareness. NCSA works with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and NCSA's Board of Directors, which include representatives from many of the country’s most recognized companies. NCSA’s core efforts include National Cyber Security Awareness Month (October), Data Privacy Day (January 28) and STOP. THINK. CONNECT™., the global online safety awareness and education campaign cofounded by NCSA and the Anti-Phishing Working Group, with federal government leadership from DHS.

Women in Identity

Bringing the Topic of Diversity & Inclusion to the Identity Industry. An open forum for women in identity to bounce ideas off each other, collaborate, and gain support. It is our hope to provide mentorship and push each other to gain the confidence to speak at conferences. Be more visible in the identity community with a whole community of women backing you. Become a member of our community and start growing your identity network. 

IT Briefcase

IT Briefcase is an on-line publication helping IT professionals researching software solutions to help grow their organization. We understand that IT professionals within any organization need to rely on trusted resources to do their job successfully and make the right purchasing decisions.  IT Briefcase audience members can expect to view up-to-date content from the IT Briefcase editorial team, contributing analysts, and the software vendor community.  Our website features exclusive Interviews with top IT executives, highlighting current trends and challenges companies are encountering within the Business Integration space.  

Tech Target | Search Security is a resource center that explores topics and best practices such as: data security and strategies, network security, information security certifications, threat detection, security audit & compliance, web security tools, wireless/mobile security, and more. Stay ahead of the security curve and ensure the safety of your organization by activating your free membership today

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