Erik Wahlstrom

Erik Wahlstrom

Sr Director Analyst
Erik Wahlstrom is a Research Director in the Identity and Access Management team within Gartner for Technical Professionals. Mr. Wahlstrom's primary focus areas are access management, modern identity protocols, authentication and authorization of APIs, public-key infrastructure (PKI), and user and machine authentication.
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Tuesday, May 11, 2021 / 02:45 PM - 03:15 PM EDT
Managing Machine Identities, Secrets, Keys and Certificates

An enterprisewide strategy for managing machine identities and credentials such as keys, secrets and certificates requires the usage of multiple tools. In this session we will provide guidance on how to pick the right type of tool and establish a processes that meets modern DevOps as well as security requirements.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 / 03:30 PM - 04:00 PM EDT
Architecting Modern Authentication and Authorization Strategies for Your APIs

Modern identity protocols such as OAuth 2.0 and specifically JWTs are now commonly used to protect APIs. Architects must bridge the gap between systems, mediators and teams such as I&O, application developers, security and the IAM teams to define those practices. This highly technical session will provide guidance how organizations should do so while balancing expectations, security, privacy and usability.

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