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Matt Moorut

Matt Moorut

Director Analyst
Matt Moorut is a Director-level analyst for Gartner for Marketers, based in London, UK. He is the KI Leader for the Industry Marketing Strategy and Execution KI in the marketing practice and serves as the marketing officer and multichannel marketing track manager for Symposium.

As an analyst, Mr. Moorut supports Gartner's clients in the retail industry with insights and guidance on various marketing topics, ranging from strategy to digital trends to marketing channel best practices. He is the lead analyst for Gartner's Luxury Retail Digital IQ Index. Having working for L2 (a business acquired by Gartner), he delivered presentations to C-Suite leaders at retail businesses including Swarovski, Ralph Lauren and Chanel.

Separately, Mr. Moorut is responsible for delivering insights on email marketing to Gartner's clients across all sectors. He leads Gartner's research for the Market Guide for Email Marketing and works with vendors and marketers to understand trends, pitfalls and best practices in that channel.

He previously served as the CMO of a social enterprise that supported 40,000 nonprofits with digital tools and education. In this role, he ran a digital publishing platform and was responsible for martech, sales and marketing strategy and execution.
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Monday, May 22, 2023 / 04:15 PM - 04:45 PM MDT
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