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4 June 2015
Avago Technologies' acquisition of Broadcom, the largest such deal ever to occur within the semiconductor industry, will create a strong portfolio for targeting the wired and wireless communication markets.
3 June 2015
Google’s plans for IoT encompass an OS, a communication protocol, and wearable technologies. The announcement establishes an ambitious strategy for its future IoT foundation.
29 May 2015
HP will boost its addressable server and storage market attractiveness in China by selling 51% of H3C to a Chinese state-owned conglomerate. The resulting joint venture should satisfy government regulation and align with user sentiment.
28 May 2015
HP will build on its position in China by selling 51% of its H3C subsidiary to a Chinese state-owned conglomerate. HP customers will experience "business as usual" in the short term, but the deal creates long-term uncertainty concerning HP’s global data center network strategy.
28 May 2015
Two predictive B2B sales analytics players are joining forces to provide a comprehensive solution to manage the customer acquisition life cycle. This may spur further M&A activity in a rapidly emerging market.
21 May 2015
The deal creates an opportunity for enterprise architects to access an integrated product suite that constitutes a digital business planning and execution platform, facilitating business-led, IT-enabled transformation.
1 May 2015
The ClickSoftware acquisition points to the need for broader suites in service management. Directors of field operations looking at Click should consider the future scenarios for these products.
30 April 2015
Capgemini will increase its North American revenue base by almost 30% in acquiring $1.3 billion Igate. The planned integration will create positive portfolio and service delivery model opportunities for clients of both firms.
22 April 2015
IDBS is replacing its core chemistry technology with ChemAxon, providing clients with a technology widely admired as flexible and easy to use. The strategic partnership carries some manageable risks related to support.
21 April 2015
Datazen's Component Art products could enhance the appeal of Microsoft's business intelligence offerings to enterprises that seek a more uniform experience across mobile platforms.
20 April 2015
Ellucian has made a bold move into the emerging competency-based education space. As major competitive forces loom in its traditional market, Ellucian is betting that its future relevancy lies where this new market is headed.
17 April 2015
With the launch of a new health data business unit, IBM has signaled its strategic intent to be a major force in the transformation of medicine and population health.
13 April 2015
Going private could give Informatica greater flexibility and an opportunity to transition to the cloud. Watch for signs of whether investors prefer a “new” Informatica or a lower-cost revenue engine for existing products.
10 April 2015
FedEx's acquisition of TNT Express will provide the U.S. business with a ready-made and extensive European delivery infrastructure. U.S. and European logistics managers will benefit from the expanded network.
8 April 2015
The acquisition bolsters LLamasoft’s supply chain design leadership, but its long-term success still hinges on making modeling an essential competency for supply chain decision making.
3 April 2015
Fundtech provides D+H with complementary products and banking clients outside of Canada. Bank technology providers continue to identify payments as a growth area as a highly fractured industry offers scope for consolidation.
31 March 2015
Cloud-based software provider Veeva's customer data management solution will benefit its pharma customers with its global orientation and simplified contractual terms. But Veeva faces competition from well-entrenched vendors.
24 March 2015
This deal will give safety managers installing Internet of Things devices more control over crisis communications. But as IoT adoption grows, the range of devices will deter unified strategies for manufacturers and customers.
17 March 2015
With its new cloud storage offering, Google intends to compete in the cloud-based recovery and data archival markets. IT leaders should consider Nearline if they want lower-cost DRaaS without compromising quality of service.
11 March 2015
The launch of a Google aggregation service for the U.S. insurance market will address previously overlooked consumer demand and give insurers a new digital distribution channel that has widespread consumer familiarity.
10 March 2015
By acquiring AlchemyAPI, IBM significantly increases the potential size of the Watson developer ecosystem and aims to cut the complexity of training Watson-based systems on large bodies of “unstructured” information.
6 March 2015
The acquisition of ecVision will expand Amber Road's footprint to include global sourcing and collaboration capabilities, extending its coverage beyond logistics and compliance.
5 March 2015
HP’s investment in Aruba will help create a robust wired and wireless access-layer connectivity solution. The combination of the No. 2 campus-switching vendor with the No. 2 WLAN vendor creates a global rival to Cisco Systems.
20 February 2015
APL Logistics’ business in the Americas will complement Kintetsu's freight-forwarding offering beyond its traditional home market. U.S. and APAC logistics managers will benefit from the expansion of Kintetsu's global network.
17 February 2015
By acquiring Voltage Security, HP will broaden its data-centric security portfolio, though integration concerns remain. This moves HP in the direction of offering protection for data throughout its life cycle.
12 February 2015
Core Collaboration from Core Informatics, a cloud provider of laboratory informatics, will enhance scientific collaboration, which can be notoriously difficult. The platform supports distributed and externalized R&D models.
6 February 2015
Uber’s partnership with Carnegie Mellon University recognizes Uber’s need for a differentiated offering, and could disrupt automakers and mobility providers via self-driving vehicle features.
28 January 2015
Harman International’s recent acquisition deals show why automotive companies need to embrace new, transformational opportunities that span from connected vehicles to connected drivers and, ultimately, connected consumers.
23 January 2015
EY’s Transformation Spectrum encapsulates a client’s statement of purpose and delivery execution — an approach we expect to influence the strategy-to-execution focus and change the competitive landscape in business consulting services.
22 January 2015
Oracle added next-generation hardware and software as well as flexible configurations and pricing to Exadata, allowing less costly entry and upgrades. Purchasing and IT management should re-evaluate Exadata.
16 January 2015
Demandware, a SaaS-based digital commerce platform provider, announced it will acquire point-of-sale and store operations solution provider Tomax to extend its offering to retail stores and provide a single commerce platform.
15 January 2015
Oracle’s new service will drive patient adherence reporting in clinical systems by leveraging Proteus “ingestible” technology, allowing for streamlined and automated processes with high-integrity adherence data.
19 December 2014
The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act passed the U.S. Congress with the most comprehensive overhaul of government IT in 18 years. Government CIOs should prepare for new authority and responsibilities.
18 December 2014
This merger, part of a consolidation trend among insurance technology providers, will bring together complementary product sets. Customers and prospects should seek a product road map and monitor integration and R&D plans.
10 November 2014
This acquisition extends BrandMaker's marketing resource management capabilities into digital marketing. IT application leaders should evaluate whether MRM initiatives could benefit from more integrated marketing operations.
29 October 2014
HP plans to introduce enterprise 3D printers based on new Multi Jet Fusion technology, developed with a range of partners. The material range, part quality and speed may disrupt the market if it launches as planned.
14 October 2014
Siemens broadens its digital manufacturing capabilities with Camstar, but also gets manufacturing execution systems (MES) offerings in all manufacturing industries, plus the quality management platform, Omneo.
13 October 2014 has made a dramatic and potentially disruptive entrance to the business intelligence and analytics market. Its Wave launch will complicate product selection and could threaten some startups.
8 October 2014
A recent launch event outlined plans for implementing the U.S. DATA Act. Federal CIOs must assess the cost of mapping data and adding analytical capabilities. CIOs and agency leaders must move to data-centric decision making.
8 October 2014
HP’s split is primarily a move for shareholders and will have little impact on customers. While separating into two companies should help with focus, core challenges to HP remain.
3 October 2014
Kewill’s acquisition of IBM Sterling Transportation Management System broadens Kewill's portfolio of transportation solutions. TMS customers and prospects will benefit from Kewill renewing the focus on multimodal TMS.
30 September 2014
HP Networking's App Store showcases the potential of software-defined networking for network decision makers. But it must move to an open platform based on OpenDaylight to gain the critical mass to alter networking's future.
18 September 2014
The planned acquisition by Cognizant brings clarity to TriZetto's future, but it remains unclear how it will resolve the healthcare technology provider's service-level and other issues.
16 September 2014
As marketing leaders continue to weigh the benefits of consolidation, marketing services company Alliance Data has announced plans to acquire Conversant to expand its multichannel capabilities for its Epsilon division.
16 September 2014
iPhone 6, Apple Watch and iOS 8 will require IT staff to prepare for product upgrades and increased demand for support. Apple Pay’s future is less settled and should be monitored over the coming year.
11 September 2014
Office Delve and Office Graph represent a new phase in employee productivity, where applications deliver relevant information based on insights from machine-learning algorithms that mine people, content, and activity relationships.
10 September 2014
In a payments market poised for worldwide growth, acquiring Clear2Pay brings FIS complementary payment offerings it can distribute using its extensive global presence. This will position it well against rival providers.
19 August 2014
Saleslogix will plug a hole in Infor's cloud application strategy. The deal will renew opportunities for an underperforming product and increase options for IT leaders supporting sales and sales operations managers.
8 August 2014
As ad tech providers consolidate, marketers will benefit from a less fragmented marketing technology ecosystem. But solutions often rely on conflicting business models and it could take years before they become fully integrated.
7 August 2014
Jacobson Companies will enable Norbert to make its first foray into non-Europe-based third-party logistics. U.S. and European logistics managers will benefit from the expansion of Norbert's global network.
4 August 2014
CrossIdeas brings a rich set of capabilities to IBM’s identity and access management portfolio. IAM leaders will now have the option of a complete IGA platform from IBM.
4 August 2014
The U.K. Government Digital Services office will end its pan-government accreditation requirement for suppliers to the G-Cloud procurement framework. U.K. public sector CIOs must decide how much they value this accreditation.
1 August 2014
TOA Technologies will provide Oracle customers with a modern, cloud-based field service management solution. Directors of field operations and CIOs considering a cloud model should evaluate the TOA product.
31 July 2014
Dassault Systèmes aims to provide value by connecting all business processes from product design and planning to execution for supply chains. Supply chain leaders must ensure Dassault will expand Quintiq services and support.
28 July 2014
As it grows its ad business, LinkedIn will acquire an ad technology provider that promises to enable B2B marketers to more precisely target ads to business audiences and manage leads.
24 July 2014
By acquiring Venda, NetSuite increases its European presence, grows the e-commerce talent supporting SuiteCommerce and now offers Venda’s cloud platform, a stand-alone digital commerce solution.
22 July 2014
Esri's new GeoPlanner and updated CityEngine further its aim of reaching land use planners who are casual or expert users of GIS software. The products make it easier to integrate with other tools to support many use cases.
17 July 2014
The National Governor’s Association’s new "Delivering Results" initiative will open doors to the strategic importance of information technology, offering government CIOs an opportunity to get a seat at the policymaking table.
14 July 2014
The merger between Accellos and HighJump Software will create a larger, more financially viable supply chain execution firm. But it may add complexity to the task of selectively integrating two wide-ranging product lines.
11 July 2014
By consolidating its analytics products and making pricing transparent, MicroStrategy has made it easier for customers to understand its products and pricing and reach a buying decision.