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25 April 2016
Lexmark's proposed sale to a consortium led by Apex Technology would increase its scant business in Asia/Pacific. This would make it more of a threat in the region, but less so than if a competitor such as Samsung bought it.
22 April 2016
Accenture is reducing its exposure to the P&C software market, positioning Duck Creek Technologies as an independent company. This is a positive development overall, but questions remain about Duck Creek’s capabilities.
22 April 2016
Three key players in factory automation team up with Japanese AI venture PFN to develop FIELD Systems, an "edge and fog computing" system that combines CNC, robots, devices and sensors into a self-learning system.
18 April 2016
A new technology provider partnership highlights the importance of digital financial management capabilities and platform technologies that work across the entire bank ecosystem.
29 March 2016
The merger of these information product companies is expected to drive more market consolidation which could increase regulatory scrutiny. Still, prices for automatically generated data are expected to continue to fall.
21 March 2016
The new Google Analytics 360 Suite will compete with existing marketing data management and analytics products, and attract more enterprise customers.
16 March 2016
Aspect Software’s Chapter 11 filing provides debt relief to invest in a shift to cloud-based services. But the company will need to improve its performance in the market.
15 March 2016
Salesforce's new financial services CRM platform offers broad customer engagement capabilities and integration with back-end systems, but prospective buyers should closely examine compatibility with their legacy systems.
10 March 2016
Microsoft's flagship database management system, SQL Server, will gain the ability to run on Linux, adding to its popularity by offering flexibility and removing "Windows-only" lock-in.
29 February 2016
Google's exit from online insurance suggests that it did not generate the expected ROI, but not that Google is not interested in insurance. Gartner believes Google will likely find another role in the industry in the future.
25 February 2016
IBM's plan to buy Truven Health Analytics will add valuable clients and huge healthcare data assets to Watson Health. But IBM must still build and execute an integrated, practical plan for this growing portfolio.
3 February 2016
Xerox headed down an unfamiliar road when it acquired business process outsourcer ACS. Its new plan to split into two businesses may make the roadmap a little clearer, but each unit is headed toward numerous obstacles.
2 February 2016
Moven, Payoff and CommonBond are partnering to deliver digital financial innovation. Bank CIOs should accelerate the development of their own digital ecosystems, partnering with disrupters to achieve digital transformation.
26 January 2016
Acquiring 123Compliance will give Sparta Systems cloud-based QMS capabilities for the regulated life science and consumer products industries. But its vision of end-to-end supply chain QMS will take time to make a reality.
7 January 2016
IBM's sale of its Rational System Architect business to Unicom Systems and Unicom’s lack of clear communications regarding its plans for SA will require SA customers to decide on a course of action.
23 December 2015
Major players will develop a common foundation for blockchain technology and gain mainstream visibility. Despite great long-term potential, CIOs should view this as one of many early-stage initiatives that have yet to mature.
15 December 2015
With Xchanging, CSC will strengthen its position in the increasingly consolidated European core insurance application market. However, CSC must address overlapping solutions and create a consistent roadmap for insurance CIOs.
7 December 2015
E-Town Dragon’s deal to buy Mattson Technology is part of a strategy to develop a semiconductor industry in China. With more deals expected, semiconductor equipment firms should consider stepping up their presence in China.
10 November 2015
Teradata’s decision to sell its marketing application business will create challenges and opportunities for rivals and customers.
10 November 2015
Globo experienced a swift downfall in the aftermath of allegations of falsified sales records. IT buyers must conduct proper due diligence upfront, and also be prepared to change vendors in these volatile markets.
4 November 2015
IBM continues staking out its digital business future with a bold move to become an information service provider and center of gravity for IoT processing and analytics by buying key assets of The Weather Company.
26 October 2015
Lam Research and KLA-Tencor plan to merge. The new company would become the second largest in the semiconductor equipment market.
26 October 2015
Western Digital must quickly overcome challenges to realize benefits from its planned acquisition of flash storage solution provider SanDisk, including anticipated margin declines and a major technology transition to 3D NAND.
15 October 2015
Amazon’s surprise entry into the BI and analytics market at an attractive price could disrupt current players with cloud ambitions. As Amazon QuickSight matures, it will likely be best suited for companies with most of their data in AWS.
15 October 2015
The acquisition of UTi by DSV of Denmark is expected to increase DSV’s annual revenue by about 50%. U.S. and European logistics managers should benefit from the creation of one of the world’s largest transport and logistics networks and the advanced geographical synergies resulting from the deal.
9 October 2015
HP and other networking and technology vendors announced the first version of OpenSwitch, an open-source data center switch OS. Their objective is to provide choice and flexibility for customers, which will spur innovation.
6 October 2015
Veeva Systems has bought Zinc Ahead, its main competitor in commercial content compliance. This makes Veeva the clear market leader at a time when the digital content of life science companies is becoming ever-more critical.
30 September 2015
Prosper Marketplace’s deal to buy BillGuard brings together consumer-facing fraud monitoring and expense management with P2P lending. Bank IT staff should evaluate “fintechs” as potential alternatives to incumbent vendors.
10 September 2015
IBM is launching GxP-compliant hosting services that will benefit life sciences organizations struggling to shift regulated work beyond the firewall. For long-term success, IBM and its customers must find strong solution partners.
27 August 2015
The coming TIBCO acquisition of Mashery shows strong potential for both geographic and strategic expansion — if TIBCO can execute strongly in its cloud offerings and redirect the TIBCO sales force’s focus more on the cloud.
24 August 2015
A $100 million investment in Carbon3D, led by Google Ventures, is evidence of the potential value in the 3D printing market — not just from the printers, but also from 3D print file creation, storage and retrieval services.
18 August 2015
Acquiring GT Nexus will give Infor a multitenant cloud-based network to expand global commerce and enhance logistics. But the deal could intensify competition and cause a best-of-breed provider to rise to prominence.
17 August 2015
Acquiring Yodlee will bring Envestnet new data aggregation, digital banking and PFM capabilities, and will position it to lead development of emerging digital capabilities for both the consumer and wealth management markets.
17 August 2015
FIS’s purchase of SunGard will create a behemoth in banking and securities software. To get the full potential of the acquisition, FIS must convince large clients that a vendor that spans both segments can serve them better.
6 August 2015
This unprecedented move by a consortium of automakers to jointly own a technology that is key to leadership in smart mobility will hinge on keeping many of Here’s customer base and innovation activities intact.
5 August 2015
This announcement expands the companies’ relationship, bolsters SAP’s cloud focus, uses OpenText’s B2B Managed Services and suits clients. But the agreement’s success relies on the strength of collaboration on B2B projects.
3 August 2015
Amazon Web Services’ RDS for Aurora is transformational for the dbPaaS market. Aurora’s availability, scalability, performance and low cost should make it a primary DBMS consideration for CIOs, DBAs and information managers.
30 July 2015
The acquisition of a majority interest in Fadata by Charles Taylor and Riverside will provide a welcome investment boost for the insurance software vendor. But Fadata will still face structural and management challenges.
22 July 2015
With FieldOne, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will integrate robust field service features for the first time and focus on customer engagement. But how well Microsoft will support non-Microsoft mobile platforms is unclear.
22 July 2015
Workfront's acquisition of ProofHQ extends its marketing resource management capabilities in creative production management, and eliminates the risk that ProofHQ could be acquired by another vendor or competitor.
14 July 2015
Amazon Web Services’ new gateway will be a cost-effective choice to quickly deploy and manage APIs that leverage AWS services. But IT leaders should weigh the benefits against the gaps in basic API management functions.
1 July 2015
Kezzler and Amcor will partner to offer a digitally interactive embedded packaging and serialization-based platform. Supply chain leaders should investigate MaXQ for near-real-time data capture and strategic product insights.
24 June 2015
Pearson’s sale of PowerSchool to a private equity firm ended rumors about other buyers. But statements about the continuance of the status quo may raise questions for CIOs regarding the K-12 student information system provider.
22 June 2015
IBM’s expanded commitment to Spark will likely drive more rapid adoption of this emerging open-source technology. Information and analytics leaders must begin working to ensure that they have needed knowledge and skills.
11 June 2015
Unit4 and Three Rivers Systems will combine to create a strong contender within the next-generation student information system market. But the success of the deal depends on bringing the Mosaic SIS to market early in 2016.
4 June 2015
The planned acquisition of a leading FPGA manufacturer will give Intel a strong competitive advantage in cloud infrastructure. But system designers and other chip buyers may face a more limited set of market offerings.
4 June 2015
Avago Technologies' acquisition of Broadcom, the largest such deal ever to occur within the semiconductor industry, will create a strong portfolio for targeting the wired and wireless communication markets.
3 June 2015
Google’s plans for IoT encompass an OS, a communication protocol, and wearable technologies. The announcement establishes an ambitious strategy for its future IoT foundation.
29 May 2015
HP will boost its addressable server and storage market attractiveness in China by selling 51% of H3C to a Chinese state-owned conglomerate. The resulting joint venture should satisfy government regulation and align with user sentiment.
28 May 2015
HP will build on its position in China by selling 51% of its H3C subsidiary to a Chinese state-owned conglomerate. HP customers will experience "business as usual" in the short term, but the deal creates long-term uncertainty concerning HP’s global data center network strategy.
28 May 2015
Two predictive B2B sales analytics players are joining forces to provide a comprehensive solution to manage the customer acquisition life cycle. This may spur further M&A activity in a rapidly emerging market.
21 May 2015
The deal creates an opportunity for enterprise architects to access an integrated product suite that constitutes a digital business planning and execution platform, facilitating business-led, IT-enabled transformation.
1 May 2015
The ClickSoftware acquisition points to the need for broader suites in service management. Directors of field operations looking at Click should consider the future scenarios for these products.
30 April 2015
Capgemini will increase its North American revenue base by almost 30% in acquiring $1.3 billion Igate. The planned integration will create positive portfolio and service delivery model opportunities for clients of both firms.
22 April 2015
IDBS is replacing its core chemistry technology with ChemAxon, providing clients with a technology widely admired as flexible and easy to use. The strategic partnership carries some manageable risks related to support.
21 April 2015
Datazen's Component Art products could enhance the appeal of Microsoft's business intelligence offerings to enterprises that seek a more uniform experience across mobile platforms.
20 April 2015
Ellucian has made a bold move into the emerging competency-based education space. As major competitive forces loom in its traditional market, Ellucian is betting that its future relevancy lies where this new market is headed.
17 April 2015
With the launch of a new health data business unit, IBM has signaled its strategic intent to be a major force in the transformation of medicine and population health.
13 April 2015
Going private could give Informatica greater flexibility and an opportunity to transition to the cloud. Watch for signs of whether investors prefer a “new” Informatica or a lower-cost revenue engine for existing products.
10 April 2015
FedEx's acquisition of TNT Express will provide the U.S. business with a ready-made and extensive European delivery infrastructure. U.S. and European logistics managers will benefit from the expanded network.