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28 March 2014
StatSoft will broaden Dell’s analytics portfolio, and get access to Dell’s sales and marketing channels. Dell has a number of options, creating an element of uncertainty about what it intends to do with the acquisition.
27 March 2014
Cisco's plan to deliver a Cisco Powered cloud platform and services that will be available from multiple partners puts the IT world on notice that it will now become a cloud services provider as well as an equipment supplier.
21 March 2014
The high valuation of the Castlight Health IPO shows market momentum toward member-facing technology purchased by employer plan sponsors from third-party vendors, rather than from payers. Payer CIOs must react strategically.
20 March 2014
The acquisition of Knotice, a marketing data management platform, creates a new option for digital marketers looking to combine first- and third-party data to fuel cross-channel programs.
18 March 2014
PerkinElmer’s scientific collaborative platform is based on cloud technology it acquired from Wingu. Cost-effective electronic laboratory notebooks will promote greater efficiency and transparency in the research process.
1 March 2014
Cloudant’s NoSQL database platform as a service will help refocus IBM's mobile and cloud capabilities strategy. But it will also challenge customers who must choose among IBM’s diverse portfolio of data management solutions.
27 February 2014
BlueKai’s assets will give Oracle’s Marketing Cloud new capabilities to target digital ads, messages and brand experiences using internal and external data.
27 February 2014
IBM's new PaaS, BlueMix, based on an extensible open-source foundation, could have a positive impact on the entire market. But IBM must stay focused on cloud architecture, not the inertia of its established customer base.
18 February 2014
The Framework for Critical Infrastructure is a useful tool for managing cybersecurity risk, but will not replace risk management programs. Gartner views the Framework positively as a legal foundation for aligning IT/OT risk.
13 February 2014
Winter Olympics attendees' use of OpenStreetMap to navigate Greater Sochi has confirmed the marketability of crowdsourced cartography. By year-end 2014, Gartner expects government agencies will increasingly embrace OSM.
12 February 2014
Buying Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise would fill out China Huaxin's business portfolio by expanding its enterprise unified communications and data-networking capabilities. The deal would help Alcatel-Lucent refocus on core areas.
12 February 2014
The acquisition of a leading digital banking solution provider should help extend Misys' market reach and drive more competition. But Misys will need to demonstrate continued innovation in an increasingly competitive market.
12 February 2014
The legodo acquisition gives Actuate the components to address the full spectrum of customer communication management capabilities. Actuate’s nascent CCM offering is now augmented by legodo's social and mobile features.
10 February 2014
The Department of Transportation’s support will help advance vehicle-centric information and communication technologies, but it must offer clearer V2V communication guidelines and timelines to be useful to the industry.
10 February 2014
After CEO Satya Nadella settles into his new position, Microsoft's efforts at reinvention will accelerate, creating both opportunities and risks for current Microsoft customers.
5 February 2014
Dassault Systemes’ Accelrys acquisition aggressively expands its presence among R&D communities. Business integration should progress smoothly, but technical integration will have challenging impacts for clients.
4 February 2014
The alignment of McKesson Care Management and RedBrick is a response to demand for a better member experience. Clients and prospects should watch to see if integration demonstrates improved engagement and behavior change.
31 January 2014
Cumulus Networks and Dell have partnered to deliver a new switching architecture that will disrupt the enterprise networking market and lead to increased customer choice and market innovation.
29 January 2014
IBM's intent to sell its x86 server business demonstrates a desire to focus on alternate hardware, software and services. Yet the deal leaves clients and buyers with questions regarding service, product support and direction.
28 January 2014
The strategic alliance between Konica Minolta and MGI Digital Graphic Technology will use their complementary strengths to help both expand their digital printing businesses.
28 January 2014
Confirmit's Integrasco purchase will provide its customers with access to cross-channel text mining and social visibility. But Confirmit will have to overcome traditional voice-of-the-customer and CRM silos to make the deal successful.
17 January 2014
Google’s acquisition of Nest Labs opens an alternative entry point into the connected-home market. Consequently, utility CIOs and solution providers participating in the market must recalibrate their strategies.
15 January 2014
Spun off from Compuware, Changepoint has new product and distribution opportunities. The challenge will be re-energizing the product and gaining presence in the faster-growing parts of the project and portfolio management market.
14 January 2014
IBM is investing heavily to create a new industry built on its cognitive and analytical systems assets. Smart machines deliver substantial first-mover advantage and we recommend early action.
13 January 2014
The acquisition of Kana Software by Verint Systems is a bold move with potentially significant outcomes. However, work needs to be done to market and support the aligned offering without stalling market momentum.
9 January 2014
The Parature purchase will fill gaps in Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and accelerate its cloud presence. In the long term, Microsoft will challenge best-of-breed Web customer support vendors such as eGain, Moxie, Verint and Oracle.
7 January 2014
Manufacturing technology solution provider PTC has made a significant bet on the Internet of Things with its acquisition of ThingWorx. Manufacturers should watch as ThingWorx broadens PTC’s market possibilities.
24 December 2013
Oracle adds B2C multichannel orchestration to its digital marketing offerings with its Responsys buy. The deal complements the purchase of B2B lead management provider Eloqua, announced exactly one year prior.
24 December 2013
Xerox’s planned sale of certain "solid ink" research and development assets will help 3D Systems meet the growing demand for 3D printers. Xerox itself will also continue to provide technology for the 3D printing market.
13 December 2013
The BIAN-IFX collaboration demonstrates interoperability between standards addressing different layers of service architecture. Maintaining momentum will require discipline and investment from BIAN-IFX and the industry.
11 December 2013
The new HP-Sharp alliance will expand the available options for HP managed print services customers and provide Sharp with a new and much-needed sales platform.
11 December 2013
Acquiring the compliance management vendor Qumas will broaden Accelrys' portfolio as it transitions toward offering more functions within its quality and compliance platform.
2 December 2013
A new U.S. law requires pharmaceuticals to be tracked and secured across the healthcare supply chain. Pharmaceutical supply chain leaders must re-evaluate their current and future track-and-trace strategies now.
27 November 2013
Sitecore's acquisition lays the foundation for a .NET-based, enterprise-grade content management platform with a native, integrated e-commerce engine.
25 November 2013
In a move that signals the growth of a new kind of print service, Canon is offering a stand-alone service that fills a gap for consumers between managed print services and print-related IT infrastructure.
14 November 2013
This merger significantly expands Mitel’s presence in Western Europe, but extensive product overlap combined with geographically diverse dealer networks will make integration difficult.
14 November 2013
The go-to-market application vendor Vistex has paved the way for an improved mobile, visual and analytical user experience that will serve as the reference point for all things built on SAP technology.
13 November 2013
The acquisition of GXS creates the potential for great synergies for OpenText, but the company must successfully integrate many solutions to offer the most benefit for customers.
7 November 2013
Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure is a strong next-generation network solution, but requires new network switches. This should drive many potential customers, particularly VMware shops, to evaluate alternatives.
31 October 2013
At Kinaxis' conference, users showed how they had employed the company’s software to adapt and improve planning for their changing supply chains, as well as new ways to monitor and analyze execution and respond better.
30 October 2013
Pricing analytics firm Pros' buy of configure-price-and-quote player Cameleon will be complementary and expand Pros' scope. But challenges loom in integrating price and product data models and rationalizing quoting abilities.
29 October 2013
Oracle will gain key opportunity-to-cash functionality for its Sales Cloud offering with its deal to buy BigMachines. Gartner expects disruption for many clients' SEM plans as well as further future consolidation in this market.
28 October 2013
HP plans to introduce 3D printer technology in 2014 after a two-year hiatus. Its significant technology and material science capabilities, combined with a strong base of enterprise clients, could disrupt the market.
21 October 2013
With its acquisition of Compendium, Oracle Eloqua advances its multichannel customer engagement capabilities. But Oracle must maintain its focus on this space before customers benefit.
17 October 2013
Siemens and Accenture have come up with an innovative way to create complex offerings across the IT/OT solution and service spectrum in the smart grid area. Their commitment and impact on existing partnerships is yet to be seen.
16 October 2013
Amazon redefines the customer e-commerce experience by converging purchase, ship and pay processes in new buyer and seller functions. Login and Pay will appeal to sellers without well-recognized brands and services sellers.
15 October 2013
A deal between Fiserv and Top Image Systems will deliver mobile banking apps like bill payment within mobile imaging services. Mobile imaging will boost operational efficiency and bring new services to consumers and businesses.
8 October 2013
Ingram Micro’s acquisition of U.S. IT asset disposition vendor CloudBlue adds another large electronics-related company to the competitive global ITAD market, promising multinational companies more competition and options.
4 October 2013
Despite the inevitable business and technical challenges associated with implementing the U.S. health insurance marketplace, its rollout has set the stage for the adoption of common platforms and processes.
3 October 2013
Ford's efforts highlight the auto industry's need to attract in-vehicle application development. For automakers, knowing when to embrace standardization means understanding their ambition: market leader or fast follower.
1 October 2013
Braintree's developer support program and customer base will strengthen PayPal's payment solutions and make them more attractive to merchants and consumers, especially in mobile payments.
26 September 2013
Acxiom's Audience Operating System for targeting customers across channels will change the way marketers analyze and use data in campaigns. But AOS raises privacy concerns, despite Acxiom's efforts to head off a backlash.
25 September 2013
Extended Results will help Tibco Software differentiate its Spotfire mobile offering with location- and time-aware key performance indicators. These features could make business activity monitoring accessible to business users.
24 September 2013
The acquisition of EasyCargo will give Amber Road needed global trade management capabilities, enabling it to cover in-country processing in China, one of the world's most important import/export centers.
13 September 2013
Buying KXEN will strengthen SAP in predictive analytics. KXEN will gain much-needed scale, but KXEN's customers should note that customer satisfaction with some releases of SAP's business intelligence products has been low.
10 September 2013
This deal enhances Microsoft's mobile phone strategy, but the company faces risks executing an integrated device strategy while addressing broader Windows mobile challenges.
10 September 2013
Workday Student represents the first native cloud offering from a major vendor in a stagnant market, and could transform the student system and administrative ERP market in higher education.
10 September 2013
Verizon Communications' plan to acquire full control of its wireless venture with Vodafone is likely to lead to more much greater corporate transformation for Vodafone than for Verizon.
5 September 2013
Here makes its boldest commitment yet to the connected vehicle with the launch of Here Connected Driving. This new offering has strong potential, but faces competition in the rapidly changing connected-vehicle ecosystem.
30 August 2013
CEO Steve Ballmer's planned retirement — combined with a major reorganization, a new corporate strategy and pressure from outside investors — has increased uncertainty regarding Microsoft's vision and future direction.