Learn how to expand your sphere of influence and build your network at Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference 2024 in Sydney.

2024 in-person conferences

Gartner in-person conferences are unique destination experiences designed for top leadership teams to connect face-to-face with Gartner experts, peers and a wide array of solution providers. Together, you explore industry-shaping insight in an unforgettable atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie beyond the possibilities of a screen. Features include:

  • Powerful keynotes
  • An expansive landscape of sessions
  • A dynamic, vibrant Exhibit Showcase
  • Planned and unplanned peer networking
  • In-the-moment insights

Join a community of the best and brightest infrastructure and operations (I&O) and cloud leaders from across every industry — all driven by a common purpose, all under one roof.


Meet the Gartner experts


Immerse yourself in engaging sessions by Gartner experts and visionary leaders, interact with the presenter and the people around you to learn more about the latest trends in I&O, exploring how to instantly apply these insights and gain unique perspectives.

Interactive sessions and networking

Engage with Gartner I&O experts and peers in Ask the Expert sessions, clinics, workshops and roundtables to discover answers to shared challenges. Experience a community atmosphere of I&O leaders through spontaneous encounters, continued conversations and more opportunities to expand your network.

Expert one-on-one meeting

Take the time to step away from your everyday work and validate your business strategies alongside Gartner experts. Get tailored guidance from a Gartner expert on your specific challenge or goal.

All things infrastructure and operations — All under one roof

Our conference destinations allow you to pause and step away from the virtual world. Experience the magnitude of a Gartner in-person conference — all the top vendors, Gartner experts and peers gathered together in one easy-to-access venue.

Gartner Conference Navigator acts as your home base where you can plan your personal agenda around your requirements.

  • Plan your agenda and schedule sessions.
  • Sign up for interactive clinics and roundtables.
  • Schedule Gartner one-on-one meetings.
  • Explore a variety of special programs by role, industry and more.
  • Apply for exclusive programs with targeted content and sessions designed to facilitate interaction between Gartner experts, solution providers and peers.
  • Identify the right solutions for your needs by exploring our solution provider directory and their product offerings.
  • Attend inspiring guest keynote presentations.
  • Gain new experiences and share best practices with your peers.
  • Walk through the Exhibit Showcase to explore emerging technologies from leading solution providers to help you accelerate your technology decisions.
  • Attend the evening reception to network with your peers and solution providers in a relaxed setting.
  • Interact with a Gartner expert in a one-on-one meeting to get personalized guidance on your biggest challenges.
  • Share experiences and gain lessons learned through workshops, roundtables and facilitated networking sessions.
  • Grab a coffee or a meal and join an impromptu conversation with your peers.
  • Log in to Gartner Conference Navigator to access session presentations to build on what you’ve taken away. 
  • Share key lessons with your team.
  • Develop a 30-/60-/90-day plan.
  • Connect with shortlisted technology solution providers.
  • Explore the Gartner conference calendar to determine which role-based conferences your team should be attending to get deep-dive content for their roles.

I&O leaders today have competing goals: keeping the proverbial lights on while enabling the business to react to market changes quickly and adopt new services or technologies. We are looking forward to hosting you again at the upcoming Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference, where you get the chance to hear from industry experts, network with senior leaders, and learn how to meet the demands and rapid changes of today’s anywhere business.

Padraig Byrne

Conference Chair and Senior Director Analyst, Gartner

Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

We invite our community to share suggestions on how we can make our conference experience more inclusive.

Listening and learning

Through attendee listening sessions, advisory board meetings and survey questions, as well as leveraging insights from our internal employee resource groups, we’re always looking for new ideas to improve the inclusivity of our conferences.

Inclusive communications

We are cultivating an inclusive experience for our attendees through our conference websites and communications.


Through our expanded DEI and Corporate Responsibility agenda, and our networking efforts, we seek to provide a platform for topics pertaining to traditionally underrepresented groups, as well as offer content related to corporate sustainability, equity and inclusion.

Accessibility Ambassador

An Accessibility Ambassador will be available at every conference to provide customized accessibility support to anyone who requests accommodations.

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