2020 topic highlights

Cloud management and security 
Gain best practices in selecting cloud management platforms.

AIOps and machine learning
Get started with the latest machine learning technologies in five easy steps.

Innovation and emerging trends
Navigate the latest and future choices to modernize the storage infrastructure.

Leadership and talent development
Lead an I&O skills transformation to enable an agile digital business future.

Digital infrastructure futures
Evolve infrastructures and the sourcing, migration and delivery of services.

Data center (on-premises versus off-premises, colocation, cloud) 
Utilize micromodular data centers to secure your edge infrastructure.

Hyperconverged infrastructures
Review hyperconvergence today and tomorrow: a technical market guide.

Public cloud security
Preview strategies for securing workloads and information in public clouds.

DevOps and DevSecOps
Understand the DevOps scenario: delivering business value through continuous product delivery.

Learn why automation is imperative to the viability and survival of I&O.

ITSM service portfolios and catalogs
View the 10 most common issues encountered when creating an ITSM service portfolio and catalog.

Software-defined infrastructure
Survey technical insights, from the edge to the cloud.

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