Paul Delory

Paul Delory

VP Analyst
Paul Delory is a Research Vice President with Gartner for Technical Professionals, and the agenda manager for the Data Center Infrastructure for Technical Professionals and Cloud and Edge Computing for Technical Professionals agendas. Mr. Delory provides deep technical expertise to systems administrators and the vendors who serve them. His research interests include:

- Infrastructure automation
- DevOps, DevSecOps, and GitOps
- Virtualization
- Private and hybrid cloud architectures
- Hyperconverged infrastructure
- Composable and fabric-based infrastructures

Topics covered in his research agendas include:

- Design, architecture, and selection of public cloud infrastructure providers/services
- Engineering best practices and cost control for public cloud infrastructure
- Containers and Kubernetes
- Backup, disaster recovery, and ransomware defense/recovery
- Servers, storage, and network infrastructure
- Edge infrastructure and 5G
- Infrastructure strategy and cost modelling for cloud, data center, and edge.
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