Tom Enright

Tom Enright

VP Analyst
Tom Enright is Vice President in Gartner Supply Chain Research for the retail industry. Mr. Enright specializes in supply chain strategies and operations across all retail product sectors. His focus areas include distributed order management, in-store logistics and last mile fulfillment.
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Tuesday, 14 September, 2021 / 03:45 PM - 04:15 PM CEST
(08:45 AM - 09:15 AM CDT)
Kill Your Speed, Not The Planet. How Customers' Sustainability Concerns Are Pulling Up The Handbrake on Same-Day and Next-Day Deliveries

Popular perception among many companies is that unless customers get fast and fast order fulfillment, they'll lose market share. However, a growing base of environmentally conscious customers have grave concerns about the environmental impact. This session aims to convince companies to cut their funding of fast fulfillment and focus on carbon-reducing delivery options instead.

Wednesday, 15 September, 2021 / 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM CEST
(05:00 AM - 05:45 AM CDT)
Ask The Expert: The Last-Mile Cost Challenge in Online Retail

Retailers with more than 50% of revenue from the online channel have logistics costs as a percentage of sales that are almost double those of their store-focused counterparts. In this roundtable session for retailers and brands selling direct to consumer we will investigate different strategies being utilized to optimize last-mile costs.

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