Accelerate learning and build a shared vision by attending as a group

It’s never been more critical to make the most of an opportunity to bring your teams together and strategize about what comes next.

Over the next year, CIOs, IT executives and their teams will need to leverage all areas of IT to anticipate changes, shift quickly in response and then accelerate transformation. Fundamental to this success will be the ability for your IT leaders and their teams to work side by side with a shared knowledge and an aligned vision.

There is no better environment for stakeholders to align, learn and network:

Divide and conquer

Split up to attend more sessions designed for every member of your team.

Evaluate vendors and solution providers

Compare solutions for stakeholders across your business.

Meet as a team with experts

Discuss your challenges and validate your strategies. 

Tips for attending a conference as a team

Align your vision as you forge strong relationships and a deeper, shared understanding with your colleagues and peers to help drive your strategies forward.

  • Have a team-planning call to set key objectives.
  • Decide a strategy for how to divide and conquer the agenda (which sessions you attend collectively could be as important).
  • Agree on how you will share key learning.
  • Create a document repository for notes, slides, etc., on Google Drive or other file-sharing platform.
  • Add colleagues to your expert one-on-ones.
  • Create a Microsoft Teams/Slack/Google Hangout channel to stay in touch during the conference.
  • Share sessions with your teammates — make notes of times they would find especially helpful.
  • Make a plan to share a coffee or lunch break together as a team.
  • Set up a.m./p.m. meetings to discuss what you hope to learn, what you did learn, and stay connected.
  • Set up a meeting to review key take-aways and create an action plan for how you will apply what you have learned. What are you going to start doing/stop doing/do differently as a result of what you have learned?
  • Connect on LinkedIn with any peers you met during the conference.
  • Schedule follow-up meetings with any exhibitors that piqued your interest (through the Conference Portal).

Suggested sessions by role

  • Seven Characteristics for CIOs to Stand Out as the Top Digital Leader
  • Establishing Real Accountability for DEI in IT Leadership
  • How to Transform Your I&T and Enterprise Operating Models
  • When Strategy Meets Reality: Managing Execution in a Volatile World
  • Fund Digital Acceleration Through Strategic Cost Optimization
  • Total Experience Is Your Differentiator in the Digital Experience Economy
  • Anywhere Operations: Building a Just-in-Time IT Strategy Investments by Managing Portfolio Risks

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  • The Top Cybersecurity Predictions for 2021-2022
  • Embrace the Future With Emerging Technologies in Security
  • Treat Cybersecurity as a Business Decision
  • Outlook for Privacy, 2022

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  • Data Management Evolves to “Always Active-Always On”
  • The Future of Data Science and Machine Learning: Critical Trends You Can’t Ignore
  • Optimize Data and Analytics Value to Achieve Strategic Impact
  • Realizing Value From Composable AI Through XOps

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  • Support Resilience and Agility Through Composable Business Applications
  • How a Large Organization Can Successfully Embrace DevSecOps
  • Strategic Architecture Roadmap to Composable Future of Applications
  • Total Experience Is Your Differentiator in the Digital Experience Economy

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  • How to Cut the Cost of Your Digital Infrastructure in 90 Days
  • Building an Edge Computing Strategy
  • The Future of Cloud
  • Road to DevOps: How to Build the Continuous Infrastructure Automation Pipeline

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