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Our partners are carefully selected for their affinity with Gartner products and services. Specifically, each partner provides valuable editorial, advertising and promotional coverage for our conferences in return for exposure to our delegates and exhibitors.

Global CTO Forum

The Global CTO Forum (GCF) is a global independent organization for technology leaders and executives including CTOs, CIOs and Architects around the world to come together and help its members succeed as well as give back to the next generation. As a Swiss headquartered organization, the GCF is a hub for talented, professional and ambitious individuals.

Technology is driving major changes in our world and the significance of technology leaders has never been more important and crucial in history. Therefore, GCF fosters the world's next generation of technology leaders, supports the CTOs through mentoring, continuous education, first-hand job opportunities and exclusive access to events.

At GCF, members mentor each other, find job opportunities, widen their horizon, expand their network and make themselves more accessible within the community. Through GCF technology leaders gain visibility and recognition. A platform to present their ideas or Startups and benefit from partner offers. With the GCF badge, we show our appreciation and take our members to a new level in their career.

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