2020 topic highlights

Cost Optimization
Cost optimization in the age of digital business means looking beyond IT and including business costs in the initiative. 

The increased pace of innovation is very disruptive to the CIO’s ability to scale or grow. To engage successfully with this disruption can be the difference between thriving and sliding.

Customer Experience
Create a superior customer experience that will serve as a sustainable differentiator in an age when customers can compare experiences across industries and force regulators and governments. 

An enterprise should have one strategy that addresses the strategic use of information and technology assets across the enterprise and seeks to clarify how it will compete and succeed in its chosen markets.

Digital Transformation
The overarching theme covers how the blurring of the physical and virtual worlds is transforming business designs, industries, markets and organizations.  

Work, People and Culture
A skilled, engaged and innovative workforce is a leader’s greatest asset. Develop, execute and communicate a people plan to leverage this valuable resource. 

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