Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone

Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone

Director, Advisory
Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone helps enterprise marketers across industries better understand how B2B buyers of all sizes buy: how buying groups research potential suppliers and make purchase decisions, how B2B marketers can better align content to the buying journey, drive demand and arm sales for success, and how marketing plays a role in driving repurchase and growth in existing accounts. In her role with Gartner, Ms. LaRocca-Cerrone works with Marketing leaders, content marketing managers, and marketing organization and operations leaders to bring best-in-class practices to B2B organizations.
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Tuesday, December 01, 2020 09:30 AM|Tuesday, December 01, 2020 10:15 AM
Executing Complex Customer Experience Initiatives

Driving high-impact CX improvement requires companies to successfully execute lengthy, complex, cross-functional initiatives. Unfortunately, about half of all such projects are significantly descoped or deprioritized along the way. In this session, you will learn:
● Best practice advice for CX leaders tasked with guiding their company’s high-impact projects to the finish line
● Key organizational capabilities to cultivate when shifting from initiative approval to execution
● The most important drivers of CX initiative success

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 01:15 PM|Wednesday, December 02, 2020 02:00 PM
Personified: The What, Where and How of B2B Customer Personas

This session will answer the question "how do we create personas in B2B marketing?". Between enterprise personas, segmentation, stakeholder mapping and stakeholder personas, B2B persona-building can be tough and confusing! And yet - we know that personas can have huge impact on improving the customer experience, bringing precision to marketing efforts, and advancing B2B deals in a group buying dynamic. In this session, you'll learn:
- WHAT information to include or draw on in building B2B personas
- WHERE to start in finding data to support B2B-persona building
- HOW to use personas in B2B marketing to improve marketing success, sales success, and customer experience

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