List of Speakers

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Greg Aimi

VP, Team Manager

Matthew Algar

Digital Supply Chain Director

Geoff Annesley

EVP of High Tech, Healthcare & Construction Industries

Chris Armbruster

Leadership Partner

Stan Aronow

VP Distinguished Analyst

Spencer Askew


Simon Bailey

Sr Director Analyst

Aaron Baker

Director of Operations Inventory Management

Steven Barber

VP of IT Customer Solutions

Jeanette Barlow

VP, Offering Management Watson Supply Ch

Jane Barrett

Group Vice President

Fred Baumann

Group Vice President

Kimberly Becker

Sr Director Analyst

Alexander Bender

Dire tor, Supply Chain Strategy & Execut

Bill Benton


Vijay Bharadwaj

General Logistics Engineer and Strategic Solutions

Piyush Bhargava

Vice President Global Operations

Van Bicknell

Global Supply Data Management and Digitalization

Laura Bissmeyer

Director Global Source to Pay Operations

Trevor Blackwell

Logistics Solutions Manager

John Blake

Sr Director Analyst

Brian Boermeester

Vice President Supply Chain

Scott Boles

Director of Quality & Sustainability

Michael Bolten

Director - Center of Excellence

Nickolas Bonivento

EDI Manager, North America

Ty Bordner

SVP Marketing and Business Development

Lauren Bossers

Senior Director, International Marketing

Domenick Braico

Director Global Logistics Transformation

Joyce Brandao

HR Director

Christie Briggs

Sr Product Director

Michael Burkett

Distinguished VP Analyst

Andy Butler

Associate Director, NA Transporation

Lisa Callinan

VP, Team Manager

Bob Carver

Vice President, Cloud Inventory Solution

Ron Castro

IBM VP, Operations & Supply Chain Execut

Ron Castro


Ken Chadwick

VP Analyst

Mark Chandler

SVP Global Supply Chain

Caroline Chumakov

Assoc Principal Analyst

Michael Chun


Dan Clark


Sarah Clark

Director of Marketing

Darren Coil

Director Business Strategy

Kevin Condon

Sr. Director, Engineering & Network Strategy

Modupe Congleton

Senior Manager

Beth Coppinger

Sr Director Analyst

Miguel Cossio

Sr Principal Analyst

Bryan Coyne

Executive Vice President & General Manager

Grant Crawford


Waddell Daniels

Leadership Partner

Major General Allan E. Day

Director of Logistics, Civil Engineering, Force Protection and Nuclear Integration, Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command

Bart De Muynck

VP Analyst

Daphne de Poot

Data Scientist

Sarah deLiefde

Managing Vice President

John Dixon

Managing Vice President

Michael Dominy

VP Analyst

John Donigian

Leadership Partner

Bill Driegert

Head of Operations and Co-Founder

Jason Duboe

SVP, Sales & Business Development

Makenzie Dunford

Technology Solutions Manager

Madhav Durbha

Group Vice President, Industry Strategy

Mathew Elenjickal

Founder and CEO

Sean Elliott


Tom Enright

VP Analyst

Joel Esken

Project Manager

Tim Evans

Vice President

Earl Exum

Vice President Commercial Spares & Material Solutions

Ginny Farrell

Forecast Manager

Jeff Faulkner

Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

Ben Federlein

Managing Vice President

Pam Fitzpatrick

Sr Director Analyst

Ken Fleming


Scott Flowers

Leadership Partner

Tom Foster

Leadership Partner

Paulette Frank

Vice President, Worldwide Environmental Health, Safety & Sustainability

Rick Franzosa

Sr Director Analyst

Sam Ganga


Kiran Garlapati

Senior Director, IT Applications

Razat Gaurav


Larry Gilbert

Leadership Partner

David Gonzalez

VP Analyst

Sri Gopinath

Director of Global Procurement Strategy

Mike Griswold

VP Analyst

Cyrus Hadavi


Rob Haddock

Group Director Lead Planning & Logistics

David Hance

Leadership Partner, Member Acq

Gary Hanifan

Accenture Leadership

Bill Harrison


Mike Harsh

Leadership Partner

Tony Hartman

Senior Director, PepsiCo Global Supply Chain

Mitch Haynes

Director, Supply Planning & Operations

Beth Hendriks

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Hernandez

Sr. Manager, ERP Processes and Systems

Wendy Herrick

Vice President Digital Supply Chain

Allison Hess

VP, Health Innovatoin

Peter Hinssen

Author, Entrepreneur and Expert on Disruptive Innovation

Ed Hisscock

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain

Bradford Houser

Leadership Partner

Bob Howland

Chief Digital Officer

Michael Hulbert

Vice President, Demand Management and SIOP

Frank Hurst


Ryan Inouye

Vice President, Supply Chain

Harish Iyer

VP, Industry and Solutions Marketing

Simon Jacobson

VP Analyst

Mani Janakiram

Director, Supply Chain Intelligence & Analytics

Pervinder Johar

CEO Of Blume Global

Geraint John

VP Analyst

Brock Johns

Principal Analyst

Christy Johnson


Paul Johnson

Director of Supply Chain Planning

Steven Johnson


Glenn Jones

Group Vice President, Product Strategy

Raj Joshi


Brian Julius

Assistant Director of Materials

Tristian Kanwar

VP Manufacturing Operations

Linda Kaplan Thaler

Business Leader, Author, Communications Expert

Jordan Kass


Trevor Keavney

Sr Principal, Advisory

Simon Kendall

Director, Global Supply Chain Systems

Patrick Kenefick

Vice President, SC Integrated Planning and Logistics

Hardeep Kharaud

SVP Replenishment

Tom Kieley


Marti Kirsch

Vice President Marketing

C. Klappich

VP Analyst

Jay Koganti

Vice President SC COE

John Konzcal

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Krishna Kulankara

Senior Director

Ray Kunkel

Leadership Partner

Frederic Laluyaux

President & CEO

Debbie Lang

Leadership Partner

Eric Lange

Product Marketing Manager - Supply Chain

Robert Lattus

Director of Supply Chain IT

Kristen Lausman

Logistics Manager of Transportation

Lyndsi Lee

Vice President of Supply Chain

Gilles Leyrat


Jeff Lischett

Sr. Director Digital Supply Chain & MFG

James Lisica

Sr Director Analyst

Paul Lord

Sr Director Analyst

Michael Lovrich

Leadership Partner

Scott Lutz

Director, Global Supply Chain Planning

Kate Lyubimova

Leadership Partner

Don Madsen

Leadership Partner

Alex Mahfoud

Vice President, Procurement Operations

Patrick Maley


Pierfrancesco Manenti

VP Analyst

Jean-Louis Marin

VP of IT

Ben Massie

VP - Global DCG Fulfillment Operations

Jim McAndrew

Supply Chain Operations Executive

Matt McClish

Associate Director, Purchases Capability, Strategy, and Innovation

Warren McCullough

Leadership Partner

Ron McDanel

Sr Leadership Partner

Wade Mcdaniel

Executive Supply Chain Partner

William McNeill

Sr Director Analyst

Gregory Meier

Vice President Finance and General Manager, Custom Pack Solutions

Stephen Meyer

Sr Director Analyst

Aditya Mishra

Solutions Analyst

Joseph Misiewicz

Global Supply Chain Manager

Rakhee Modhvadia

Manager, Marketing

Mario Morhy

Head of Global Planning Excellence at Bayer Crop Science

Carl Mount

SVP, Logistics and US Retail Supply Chain

Jay Muelhoefer

Chief Marketing Officer

Brad Mueller


Heather Mueller

VP New Client Experience

Josué Muñoz

Vice President Global Supply Chain Demand & Systems

Nick Najjar

Senior Manager, Transportation

Mary Neff

Vice President, Program Management Office

Sam New

Sr Principal Analyst

Ernest Nicolas

Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Caleb Nicolson

General Manager, Group Supply Chain

Thomas O'Connor

Sr Director Analyst

Eric O'Daffer

VP Analyst

Mark O'Donnell

Executive Vice President

Erik Olson

NA Functional Managing Director for Supply Chain & Operations and global Resources SC&O lead

Mylene Ortiz

Sr. BPSA IT Supply Chain

Gaurav Palta

VP Enterprise Services

Linda Parcher

Executive Supply Chain Partner

Jose Antonio Parra

VP Global Logistics

Carol Patterson

Event Manager


Director Blockchain GTM

Monique Picou

Senior Vice President-Flow, Supply Chain

Edward Poloway

Leadership Partner

Alex Pradhan

Sr Principal Analyst

Marko Pukkila

VP, Team Manager

Rahquel Purcell

Senior Vice President - Supply Chain Americas

Gaurav Puri

Supply Chain Vice President

Lori Putt

Global Integrated Supply Chain Director

KC Quah

Sr Director Analyst

Kamala Raman

Sr Director Analyst

Pravin Rangachari

VP- Planning

Tracy Reiss

VP Technology Solutions

Mark Richardson

VP Global Supply Chain

Susan Roberts

Principle Offering Manager

Tom Roehm

Sr. Director of Global Industry Practice

Courtney Rogerson

Sr Principal Analyst

Tracy Rosser

Senior Vice President, Transportation & Supply Chain, Walmart (retired)

Ken Ruggles

Managing Vice President

Glen Rundell

President and CEO

Ricardo Salgado


Amber Salley

Sr Director Analyst

Henry Salloum

Vice President - Information Services

Simrit Sandhu

Executive Director, Supply Chain Management

Joseph Santoianni

Sr New Client Engagement Specialist

Manish Savla

Client Partner

Adam Schafer

Director, Global Supply Management

Jesse Schafer

Peter Schram

Sr Director Analyst

Parthiv Shah

Managing Partner

Max Shen

Supply Chain Chief Scientist

Phil Shook

Vice President, N.A. Surface Transportation

John Sicard

Chief Executive Officer

Sanjiv Sidhu

Chairman, Co-Founder

Jennifer Sieber

Senior Manager

Vivek Soneja

Vice President, Supply Chain Solutions

Adam Spunberg

Global Director

Eric Stern

Leadership Partner

Steven Steutermann

Managing Vice President

Dana Stiffler

VP Analyst

Inhi Suh

General Manager

Janet Suleski

Director Analyst

Chris Testa

Director, Advisory

Jason Tham


Dominic Thomas

Vice President - Business Consulting

James Thompson

Sr. Manager North America Logistics

Christian Titze

VP Analyst

Noha Tohamy

Distinguished VP Analyst

Simon Tunstall

Sr Principal Analyst

Jennifer Upthegrove

Director, Connected Supply Chain

Renee Ure

VP, Global Supply Chain, Data Center Group

Swapneel Vaidya

Director -Supply Chain Planning COE

Carlos Valderrama

VP Global Customer Success

Carolina Valencia

Director, Team Manager

Srinivasa Valiveti

Sr. Dir, Next Generation Planning Solutions

Jennifer Van Cise

Vice President, Watson Supply Chain

Jennifer Vander Zanden

Chief Operating Officer

Ninette Vaz

Head of Supply Chain New Technology

Vicki Warker

Chief Marketing Officer

Haixing Wei

Head of Exchange and Partnership

Kathy Wengel

Chief Global Supply Chain Officer

Lynn Wiggins

Executive Supply Chain Partner

Diane Wilkinson

Senior Partner

Eric Wilson

Director Planning

John Wisniewski

SFC Program Sr. Manager at Mars Wrigley APAC / Effem

John Wisniewski

SFC Program Sr. Manager

Laurence Wolfe

Leadership Partner

Jonathan Wright

Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Mark Yadach

Leadership Partner

Hong Mo Yang

Senior Vice President

Stefano Zenezini

North America Operations Product Supply VP

Lusi Zheng

Sr Principal, Advisory

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