CMO Spend 2015:
As the buyer journey evolves, digital marketing spend is entering new territories

Marketing budgets remain healthy, while a customer-centric, integrated marketing mix is drawing funds from unique sources.

  1. 1 Customer experience has marketers’ full attention
  2. 2 Increasing budgets are reflecting Marketing’s increased responsibility
  3. 3 The line between traditional and digital marketing continues to blur

What's Inside:

Intense competition and consumer power are setting the bar high for you to differentiate effectively. The "Presentation for CMO Spend Survey 2015: Eye on the Buyer" details how marketers are allocating spend to deliver a customer experience that sets them apart. Use it to:

  • Validate the need for a customer-centric strategy
  • Set priorities for your technology investments
  • Understand how cross-functional collaboration may open doors to funding sources outside of Marketing

Meet the Author:

Laura McLellan

Laura McLellan

Research VP

Laura McLellan guides CMOs and marketing leaders on sources and uses of expense and capital spending. Laura's research also focuses on the roles and structures of marketing organizations so that marketing leaders can become digital business enablers. Before Gartner, she worked in IT services strategic planning, marketing, sales and services business management.