Supply Chain Strategies for Emerging Markets

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Emerging markets have been identified as a the primary business growth area for the next century. This special report discusses how organizations with strong demand-planning capabilities, segmented supply strategies, and talent development are better positioned to capitalize on market opportunities, as well as to mitigate risks.

Research VP Mike Burkett discusses why supply chain leaders will play a crucial role as companies capitalize on the explosive growth in emerging markets.

Emerging Market Supply Chain Research

Strengthen Five Key Pillars to Improve Demand-Planning Effectiveness in Emerging Markets

21 March 2013

Demand planning in emerging markets is a challenge due to the constant thrust for business growth, volatile demand and low maturity of supply chain processes. Supply chain leaders from global and local companies need to strengthen five key pillars to improve the demand planning in these markets.

Supply Chain Research Roundup, 2013: Building Emerging Market Demand-Planning Capabilities

28 February 2013

Managing demand in emerging markets is a major challenge, due to the inherent market diversity and uncertainties. This roundup is an overview of research written for supply chain leaders, illustrating strategy and actions for effective demand planning in these markets.

Refine Your Manufacturing Strategies to Drive Value From Emerging Markets

31 January 2013

Organizations without a comprehensive strategy for managing their manufacturing footprints in emerging markets will face future disadvantages. Supply chain and manufacturing leaders must use the advice in this Survey Analysis when developing and refining their manufacturing strategies.

Overcome Global Process Standardization Hurdles in Manufacturing Operations

22 April 2013

Global process standards drive consistency and reliability in manufacturing, but deciding how far to extend them into local manufacturing operations without compromising agility is hard. Manufacturing leaders can use this framework to remove barriers to global orchestration and local execution.

Adopt These Practices to Improve Your Emerging-Market Manufacturing Strategies for India

7 May 2013

Manufacturing strategies for India must expand beyond the "low-cost destination" mindset. Global supply chain and manufacturing leaders should adopt three best practices while developing or retuning their manufacturing strategies to exploit India's untapped potential.

Supply Chain Research Roundup, 2013: Managing Emerging-Market Supply Networks

6 February 2013

Managing a robust supply network in emerging markets is a challenge for most global companies. This roundup provides an overview of research that highlights the actions supply chain leaders should consider while creating a responsive supply network in these markets.

Four Best Practices for Tackling Manufacturing and Supply Chain Reshoring, Nearshoring and Offshoring

31 January 2013

Data from our survey of 300 supply chain leaders, client inquiries and qualitative research on reshoring, nearshoring and offshoring reveals four best practices U.S. and Western European supply chain executives must follow when making changes to their manufacturing or product supply networks.

Life Science Manufacturers Adapt Distribution Strategies to Compete in Emerging Markets

3 January 2013

Supply chain challenges in emerging markets require life science manufacturers to move beyond one-size-fits-all regional distribution strategies. Use this research when refreshing your distribution strategy or evaluating the risks and benefits of establishing local distribution networks.

Seven Considerations When Selecting Third Party Logistics Providers in Emerging Markets

5 July 2013

Global third-party logistics providers in emerging markets often outsource services to local agents of varying abilities. Logisticians can use this research to help evaluate and select appropriate global or local providers in emerging markets.

Energy, Resource, Sustainability and Environmental Trends That Will Impact the Future Success of Global Supply Chains

9 May 2013

Our 2013 trend scan identified 14 of the top energy, resource, sustainability and environmental trends. Supply chain executives, strategic planners, and R&D and business leaders should plan their current and future business operations to reflect the impact.

A Well-Defined Supply Chain Talent Strategy Is Essential for Success in Emerging Markets

25 June 2013

Identifying and bridging talent gaps in emerging markets require a talent-savvy and disciplined supply chain leader, with a well-thought-out talent plan. Supply chain talent leaders can use these best practices to establish a best-in-class, emerging-market talent strategy.

Master Visibility to Improve Supply Chain Performance in Emerging Markets

18 June 2013

Fragmented, complex and multilayered demand/supply networks in emerging markets often limit supply chain performance of global companies. Supply chain leaders should adopt best practices from this research to master visibility and surpass these obstacles, while building responsive supply chains.

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