The World’s Most Important Gathering of CIOs and IT Executives™

16 – 18 November 2021 | Tokyo, Japan

Join us at the center of technology, business, strategy and inspiration

CIOs and IT executives joined Gartner experts virtually, over four days to share valuable insights on creating a composable business, leading during disruption, smarter spending, cybersecurity and much more. Attendees explored how to shape technology to respond to adversity and build resilient organizations. The conference offered the tools, insights and advice needed to create a composable business - a playbook for accelerating digital business - to deliver resilience and agility during a time of crisis.

At the conference, the top 5 priorities that CIOs and IT executives met on included:

  1. Culture and People
  2. Data and Analytics Strategies and Solutions
  3. Security and Risk Management
  4. CIO Leadership Strategy
  5. Sourcing, Procurement, and Vendor Management Strategies

We hope you enjoyed the virtual 2020 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™! If you missed it, be sure to explore what was covered at the conference.

We will shortly begin planning for 2021 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo in Tokyo, Japan. We look forward to sharing the dates and program in the coming months.


Exploit the combined forces of data, analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver business value in and beyond the enterprise. Recognize the value of customer, citizen and employee experiences in the business value proposition for digital business success. 


Create information and technology operating models that are agile, responsive and innovative. Lead digital business success by using digital design practices.


Defy conventional thinking during times of uncertainty to emerge as a winner. Start with culture change when embarking on digital transformation, instead of waiting to address it later.

Join a global community of CIOs and IT executives

The digital era has brought unprecedented change to technology, business and society. Beyond managing IT, CIOs are called to lead and inspire their teams and business stakeholders through deeply transformative business models, practices and cultures. Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo addresses the strategic needs of enterprise CIOs and their leadership teams. This conference is designed for:

Connect with CIOs across regions and industries, and gain new perspectives on the challenges and opportunities of business transformation
  • Balance the need to innovate while “keeping the lights on"
  • Become an effective partner with business executives; shift from “order taker” to “trusted advisor”
  • Overcome the barriers of organizational culture, resources and talent to grow and scale your digital initiatives
  • Drive cost optimization to fund digital transformation initiatives
Security, risk and compliance leaders can expect to walk away with insights to:
  • Transform security programs to deal with the challenges of digital business
  • Secure funding for security investments
  • Communicate effectively to the board
  • Build security and risk awareness across organization
  • Juggle scarce human and financial resources
  • Adapt to bimodal IT
Explore with chief data officers, chief analytics officers and senior data and analytics leaders how to:
  • Align your work to your CIO’s priorities
  • Learn how data and analytics can enhance customer experience (CX)
  • Establish the right organization and tempo for the data and analytics business unit
  • Prioritize investments in information
  • Establish a data-driven culture
Senior application leaders learn insights and best practices to:
  • Legacy modernization
  • Build agile architectures to support DevOps, SOA, APIs, cloud-optimized patterns, in-memory computing and context awareness
  • Employ bimodal strategies to renovate and modernize core IT systems
  • Understand new agile, iterative, dynamic, ecosystem-based building blocks
VPs of IT infrastructure and operations explore the tools and tactics to:
  • Move infrastructure and operations strategy forward
  • Show value to the business
  • Cost optimization
  • Old versus new technologies
  • Infrastructure and operations leadership and culture change
  • Innovation and agility
  • Meet business objectives

2020 Tracks at a Glance

Actionable IT insights across three key focus areas

Track A

Business Strategy

Digital business requires that leaders shape technology to serve opportunity and respond to adversity. Business continuity is one of many complex business challenges creating unanticipated market turbulence. This track provides CIOs and IT executives with digital business strategic planning tools and techniques to turn complexity and chaos into real strategy execution initiatives.

Track B


In times of rapidly evolving risks and opportunities, CIOs must embrace new approaches to leadership and strategic decision making. This track provides CIOs and IT executives with tools and techniques to help them lead and effectively make decisions in a dynamic world.

Track C

Technology & Information

Enterprises must accelerate their digital transformation efforts into real changes, and technology uniquely underpins that promise. This track provides CIOs and IT executives with clear insights and understanding of the opportunities and risks in adopting emerging technologies to help shape your digital transformation journey and lead business recovery.

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Gartner will hold in-person conferences only in locations that meet our stringent health and safety criteria to help ensure the well-being of attendees, exhibitors, partners and our associates. These criteria include adhering to national government and health agency guidelines in countries where the vaccine is readily available to the majority of the population, in addition to taking all practical actions on-site.

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