Paving the Way to Profits through Digital
Learn how top marketers are prioritizing their spend to attract and retain customers

As digital channels demonstrate ROI, digital marketers are gaining deeper pockets and a greater voice in the business.

  1. 1 The focus on customer experience is pushing Marketing in new directions
  2. 2 Digital marketing budgets are continuing to rise
  3. 3 Digital channel investments are driving measurable returns

What's Inside:

Digital marketing budgets will rise by 10% in 2014. This report, Digital Marketing Budgets Increase, Reflecting Focus on Customer Experience, shows how organizations like yours allocate their spend. Use it to:

  • Compare your marketing spend with that of other leading organizations
  • Identify places to redistribute resources
  • Justify incremental funding from sources outside Marketing to build your digital budget

Meet the Author:

Laura McLellan

Laura McLellan

Research VP

Laura McLellan guides CMOs and marketing leaders on sources and uses of expense and capital spending. Laura's research also focuses on the roles and structures of marketing organizations so that marketing leaders can become digital business enablers. Before Gartner, she worked in IT services strategic planning, marketing, sales and services business management.