List of Gartner Experts and Guest Speakers

At the conference, you’ll hear straight from the experts behind Gartner research, guest speakers invited to share real-world examples and our esteemed keynote speakers.

Jennifer Aaker

Behavioral Psychologist, Author, and Professor

Brent Adamson

Distinguished VP, Advisory

David Anderson

VP, Team Manager

Dina Apostolou

Global Director of Product Marketing

Hank Barnes

Distinguished VP Analyst

Todd Berkowitz

Managing Vice President

Doug Bewsher


Jake Braly

VP of Marketing

Marc Brown

Sr Director Analyst

Jim Carolan

VP, Design

Scott Collins

VP, Advisory

Latane Conant


Andrew Connolly

Digital Marketing Manager

Cameron Conway

Vice President, General Manager of Maritz Sales Performance

Tom Cosgrove

Director, Advisory

Richard DeLisi

VP, Advisory

Matt Dixon

Chief Product & Research Officer

Katie Donohue

Vice President of Global Compensation

Charlie Dorrier

VP of Global Delivery

Glen Drummond

Chief Innovation Officer & Chief Solution Architect

Tracy Eiler

Chief Marketing Officer

Daniel Ericksen

Director, Sales and Marketing Solutions

Christi Eubanks

Managing Vice President

Rita Finsky

Sr. Marketing Communications Manager

Lizzy Foo Kune

Sr Director Analyst

Simon Frewer


Scott Gillum

Founder & CEO

Cristina Gomez

Managing Vice President

Jay Graves

Vice President of Sales

Carlos Guerrero

Sr Director, Advisory

Myke Hawkins

SVP & Global Sales Leader

Danielle Henneberger

Sr Principal, Advisory

Melissa Hilbert

Sr Director Analyst

Peter Isaacson


Rick Karlton

Managing Vice President

Liam Kelly

Senior Executive Advisor

Matthew Kiel

VP, Team Manager

Lisa Killeen

Regional Sales Leader

Randy Kobat

SVP of Software Inventory Solution

Mark Kosoglow

VP of Sales

Victoria Koval

Lead Learning Designer

Daniel Kuperman

Director of Product Marketing

Kristina LaRocca-Cerrone

Sr Principal, Advisory

Paul Logue


Tammy Loud

Director of Global Sales Learning and Development

Adam Luckeroth

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Martha Mathers

Managing Vice President

Michael McCune

Director, Advisory

Danielle McKinley

Sr Principal, Advisory

Alyssa Merwin

Vice President, LinkedIn Sales Solutions, Americas

Jack Nehmer

Jim Ninivaggi

Chief Readiness Officer

Theresa O'Neil

VP, Marketing

Mark Paine

Sr Director, Analyst

Rob Perrilleon

SVP Delivery Services

Peter Pickus

VP, Strategy

Daniel Pink

Best-Selling Author

Lara Ponomareff

Practice Vice President

Kyle Rees

Director, Team Manager

Matt Reeves

Director Solution Strategy

Tim Riesterer

Chief Research Officer

Christopher Ross

Sr Director Analyst

Allison Sadler, PhD

Senior Vice President

Greg Sample

Group Director - On Premise Operations

Rick Sirois

Director, Business & Operations Program Management

Bryan Smith

Chief Strategy Officer

Todd Speranzo

VP, Marketing

Jill Steinhour

Director Industry Strategy High Tech

Timothy Sullivan

Vice President of Business Development

Olivier Thierry


Joshua Tillman


Tad Travis

Sr Director Analyst

Jessica Williams

Director, Advisory

Norm Williams

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

Spencer Wixom

Director, Sales Solutions

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