List of Gartner Experts and Guest Speakers

At the conference, you’ll hear straight from the experts behind Gartner research, guest speakers invited to share real-world examples and our esteemed keynote speakers.

Brent Adamson

Distinguished VP, Advisory

Dan Ariely

Professor of Psychology & Behavioral Economics

Hank Barnes

Distinguished VP Analyst

Amit Bendov


Seth Broekhuizen

Head of Strategic & Account Based Market

Michele Buckley

Sr Director Analyst

Zach Burnett

Global Sales Leader

Doug Bushee

Sr Director Analyst

Mike Cabot

VP of Sales

Amanda Cagle

Enterprise Solutions Architect

Brian C Cain

Sr Principal, Advisory

Scott Collins

VP, Team Manager

Scott M. Comptois

Director Commercial Learning

Latane Conant


Tom Cosgrove

Sr Director, Advisory

Richard DeLisi

VP, Advisory

Denise Dresser

Executive Vice President, Enterprise Sales

Matt Dudek

VP, Team Manager

Dave Egloff

Sr Director Analyst

Tessa Flaherty

Sr Principal, Advisory

Brian Galicia

WW Sales Leader, Sales Automation and LinkedIn, Dynamics 365

Ilona Hansen

Sr Director Analyst

Steve Herz

Sr Director Analyst

Melissa Hilbert

Sr Director Analyst

Justin Hill

VIce President, Sales Engineering

Sally Hogshead

Founder & CEO

Sean Holbert

Sr Director, Advisory

Shayne Jackson

Sr Director Analyst

Rick Karlton

Managing Vice President

Liam Kelly

Sr Director, Advisory

Matthew Kiel

VP, Team Manager

Jennifer Kling

Head of Product Marketing, Sales Cloud

Matt Langie


Mitch Little

Sr. Vice President Worldwide Client Engagement

Adam Luckeroth

SVP, Sales

Michael Maziarka

VP Analyst

Lance McByers

Director: Sales Operations

Jennifer McCarthy

Director of Sales Incentive Compensation

Chris Mckillop

Manager, Sales Engineering

Danielle McKinley

Director, Advisory

Chakshu Mehta

Product Marketing Manager

Christi Moot

Global Director, LMS Sales Readiness

Paul Mora

Director Commercial and Channel Marketing North America

Sanaz Namdar

Director of Behavioral Analytics in Sales

Linda Nazareth


Theresa O'Neil


Sam Pabon

Client Partner

Juan Carlos Perez

General Manager Commercial Excellence

Tom Pisello

Chief Evangelist

Tim Riesterer

Chief Research Officer

Steve Rietberg

Sr Director Analyst

Craig Riley

Sr Principal Analyst

Russell Shevins

Business Development Director

Carrie Smith

Head of Go-To-Market Strategy

Theodore Travis

VP Analyst

Jaime Vavrick

General Manager

Alice Walmesley

Sr Principal, Advisory

Karine Watne

Sr. Manager, Marketing Communications and Projects

Geoff Webb

Vice President of Solutions

Scott Weinhold

Executive Director

Curt Will

Sr. Director, Global Effectiveness

Norm Williams

Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing

Alan Yarborough

Senior Brand Enablement Manager

Lynne Zaledonis

Senior Vice President of Product Marketing, Sales Cloud

Adnan Zijadic

Principal Analyst

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