Guest Keynote Speaker


Neil Mullarkey

Improvisation Guru, Actor and Comedian

Neil is the co-founder of the world-famous improve troupe the Comedy Store Players and will help us understand what makes a good story in this unique, funny, interactive and energizing session.

Gartner Keynote Speakers

Gartner Opening Keynote: The Future of Your Business: Transparent, Decisive, Personalized

The impact of analytics on business, society and our own personal lifestyles, has been far more impactful than anyone could have imagined. Transparent organizations embracing information as an asset have discovered billions of dollars in revenue opportunities already. Predictive analytics have shown entire new levels of precision, allowing the automation of millions of daily business decisions. And the next phase is upon us, where personal analytics start to challenge business analytics, with the same sophistication. But as boundaries are stretched, how far is "too far" when deploying big data analytics and targeted offers? And although algorithms may make better decisions, where is the human measure? How will you seize the opportunity, while mitigating the risks?

  • Frank Buytendijk
  • Research VP
  • Gartner
  • Neil Chandler
  • Research Director
  • Gartner
  • Rita Sallam
  • Research VP
  • Gartner


Gartner Closing Keynote: The Rise of the Smart Machines: Their Technical, Business, Economic and Social Impact

The last IT-driven waves of change displaced low to medium skill workers. The next one will greatly enhance the performance of high skilled workers while obsoleting others. As these autonomous, predictive, NLP, deep-learning capable smart advisors evolve, they will remake work, business, organizations, economies and societies. What are smart machines and how are they different from everything that's come in the past? Where and how will they appear and what impact will that have? What should you do about it and when?

  • Tom Austin
  • VP and Gartner Fellow
  • Gartner

Gartner Analyst Speakers

Merv Adrian
Tom Austin
Ian A. Bertram
Mark A. Beyer
Frank Buytendijk
Regina Casonato
Neil Chandler
Roxane Edjlali
Ted Friedman
Gareth Herschel
Christopher Iervolino
Saul Judah
Hanns Koehler-Kruener
Douglas Laney
Alexander Linden
Rita L. Sallam
Kurt Schlegel
Mei Selvage
Dan Sommer
Joao Tapadinhas

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