Guest Keynote Speakers


Robin Sieger

Best Selling Author and Broadcaster

This keynote will explore the principles common to the individuals and organizations that succeed year on year, and who successfully manage and adapt workforce behavior to better address the needs of changing markets. In today’s competitive and fast changing business landscape, business success it is no longer about size, it is about speed. The better able you can respond to change, and successfully adapt at a personal level, the better able you will be to then drive change at a business level.

Van der Aalst

Professor Wil Van der Aalst

Distinguished University Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology

This keynote provides an overview of an exciting field — automated process discovery and mining — that will become increasingly important for BPM as a tool for quantifying improvement opportunities. The increasing availability of large amounts of event data will have a disruptive effect on BPM. Process mining helps organizations to “mine their own business”: they are empowered to discover, monitor and improve real processes by extracting knowledge from event logs.

Gartner Keynote Speakers

Gartner’s Top Predictions for the Digital Age

This keynote foretells the impact of digitalization on the strategy and direction of business and technology. Digitalization is dramatically changing the way products and services are created, priced, distributed and serviced. Entire industries will be digitally remastered. Process reinvention is required for customers and constituents to experience the new value that digitalization brings.

Paul E. Proctor
  • Tina Nunno
  • VP and Gartner Fellow
Andrew Walls
  • Daryl Plummer
  • Managing VP and Gartner Fellow

Case Study Speakers

  • Dominy Hope
  • Director, Head of Enterprise Process Management, Centre for Process Governance and Improvement
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Speaker Profile
  • Frits Wiegel
  • Senior Director - Business Process Architect
  • Philips
  • Speaker Profile

Gartner Analyst Speakers

Burke, Brian
Buytendijk, Frank
Cantara, Michele
Dixon, John
Dunie, Rob
Hill, Janelle B.
Jones, Teresa
Kerremans, Marc
Morello, Diane
Norton, David
Nunno, Tina
Olding, Elise
Plummer, Daryl C.
Robertson, Bruce
Schulte, W. Roy
Searle, Samantha
Thompson, Ed

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