Guest Keynote Speaker

Eddie Obeng

Professor Eddie Obeng

Educator, global TED speaker, author and visionary

Born in Africa and "brought up with a strong oral tradition," Prof. Obeng has authored 10 books on innovation, change and leadership. His keynote presentation will introduce the challenge of transformation and innovation in our fast-changing, ambiguous world. He will illustrate how to think and act in an era of complexity and uncertainty to drive business value upward using technology. He will build on this to help participants understand how to move confidently through change and transformation.

Ross Shafer

Ross Shafer

Emmy Award Winning Writer

Ross Shafer is a 6-time Emmy Award Winning Comedian and Writer. His presentation will detail why Remaining Relevant (to your customers and team members) is the ONLY way to substantially grow your organization during a recovery. If you're relevant, you can take market share away from your competition. But it won't be easy. You will have to accelerate your "A" Game to earn that market share. And, you will have to re-double your efforts to retain the base you already have.

Gartner Keynote Speakers

Gartner Keynote: Walking in Your CIO's Shoes: Change Today to be Indispensable Tomorrow

Three strategic initiatives emerged from Gartner's 2014 CIO survey: create powerful digital leadership; renovate the core of IT; and build bimodal capability. I&O leaders must navigate the bimodal tension between providing safe, reliable IT and capturing new value by operating at digital speed.

Ronni J. Colville
  • Ronni J. Colville
  • VP Distinguished Analyst
  • Gartner
Debra Curtis
  • Debra Curtis
  • Managing VP
  • Gartner

Teamwork: The Essential Ingredient to I&O's Success

An unprecedented wave of both business and technology change is impacting I&O leaders. This is highly disruptive to established roles and methods of running an effective I&O organization. Improved teamwork will be essential at both the management and the technical levels to thrive in the new world.

Ed Holub
  • Ed Holub
  • Managing VP
  • Gartner

Gartner Analyst Speakers

Suzanne Adnams
Victoria Barber
Diane Berry
Thomas J. Bittman
Jeffrey M. Brooks
Matthew W. Cain
David J. Cappuccio
Mike Cisek
Ronni J. Colville
Terrence Cosgrove
Debra Curtis
Federico De Silva
Ken Dulaney
John Enck
Leslie Fiering
Colin Fletcher
Bob Gill
Barbara Gomolski
Milind Govekar
Jarod Greene
Cameron Haight
Ed Holub
Kevin Knox
Jonah Kowall
Andrew Lerner
Mark A. Margevicius
Robert Naegle
Jay E. Pultz
John Rivard
Donna Scott
Chris Silva
Joe Skorupa
Sorell Slaymaker
George Spafford
Danellie Young
Tim Zimmerman

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