• Gartner Identity And Access Management Conference.

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  • Gartner Identity And Access Management Conference.

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  • Gartner Identity And Access Management Conference.

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Make the Value Come Alive: The Future of IAM

At Gartner IAM Summit 2015 you’ll learn how to position IAM as a key partner in business innovation, and carve out the time and resources for IAM projects to make the value come alive. Hear the latest tactics and best practices across IAM fundamentals, and take a look ahead at analytics-driven automation and advances in consumer engagement platforms, so you can craft and implement an IAM vision and strategy for the digital age.

Gartner IAM Summit was designed for individuals in the following roles:
Roles Include:
  • CISOs and CIOs
  • IAM Program manager
  • Program management
  • Building IAM program
  • Getting stakeholder buy-in
  • Baseline services that must be deployed
  • Marketing the program
IAM Leaders
Roles Include:
  • IAM planners and implementers
  • Systems integrators
  • Authentication
  • Privileged accounts
  • Governance and administration
  • Single sign-on
IAM Architects
Roles Include:
  • CISOs
  • IAM leaders
  • Network security
  • Mobile security
  • Endpoint security
Security Leaders

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the impact of cloud, mobility, social and big data on IAM
  • Implement digital business practices by adopting a simplified IAM approach
  • Learn where and how IAM fits within the larger context of solving business-relevant problems
  • Best practice case studies and practical advice for IAM governance
  • Take compliance reporting to the next level by leveraging identity and access intelligence
  • Create a more access accountable and transparent organizational culture for your enterprise

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What's Included

*Online preregistration is required for one-on-ones, workshops and analyst-user roundtables (AURs).
Reserve your place early, as space is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The 2015 agenda delivers strategic insights for IAM in the digital age, as well as the latest tactics in IAM architecture. Whether you’re launching a new program or advancing existing capabilities, you’ll find the information you need to deliver security, agility and greater business value—and prepare for the future of IAM.

While we're preparing our 2015 agenda, take a look at:


2015 Tracks

A) Foundational Strategies in IAM
Every program needs a solid foundation. This track provides the information you need to properly plan and organize your IAM program, create or restart an IAM strategy and ensure that process and controls are implemented to gain real business benefits. It provides time-proven best practices, focuses on doing the simple and most appropriate things first, and helps you avoid a number of pitfalls.
B) Next Steps: Enhance and Advance Your IAM Program
Your IAM program is established. You have identified a set of projects. How will you move forward simply and successfully? This track helps you make the most of the tools that you have, augment those tools appropriately to fill gaps and ensure you are positioning your current IAM infrastructure for success.
C) Future Focus: IAM in the Digital Age
The Nexus of Forces (cloud, mobile, social and information) continues to have a profound effect on IAM programs. Digital business and the Internet of Things have begun to influence IAM plans. This track explores where and how IAM can support and leverage these emerging trends and technologies.
D) Tech Insights for Agile IAM Architectures
These in-depth talks provide an architectural perspective on how IAM technology and processes can support value creation in your organization. Get real-world insight into modern identity architecture, identity governance and administration, identity analytics, identity proofing, authorization, identity in the cloud, identity for third-parties, privileged account management, and using identity to protect APIs.
E) The Big Picture: Security, Risk and IAM

IAM and threat protection security are related disciplines. There are process, organizational, functional and technological overlaps that should be considered so you can maximize your investment and have a robust, multifaceted approach to IAM, infrastructure protection and risk management within your organization. This track provides advice on the security disciplines that intersect with IAM, focusing on the most important security trends.

Hot Topics to be Covered

  • Agile IAM architecture
  • Mobile, cloud and IoT
  • Bimodal IAM strategies
  • Analytics-driven authorization
  • Identity relationship management
  • The future of IAM
  • Digital-age IAM leadership
  • Improving the user experience
  • Agile and adaptable IAM
  • IAM basics and best practices
  • Launching your IAM program
  • Resource allocation
  • Governance and administration

Key Take-Aways from the 2014 Conference

At the ninth annual Gartner IAM Summit, attendees participated in on-site benefits, heard the latest IAM presentations from the Gartner Research community on today’s most pressing topics, attended workshops run by expert analysts and industry leaders, heard real-life experiences during peer case studies, engaged in analyst-user roundtables and one-on-one meetings with Gartner analysts, and checked out the latest solutions at the Solution Showcase.

Key Take-Aways from the 2014 Conference Included:
  • How to Start an IAM Program. Focus more on process rather than technology. Create a well-crafted vision and articulate it in light of strategic business needs. Continuously re-evaluate this. Run IAM as a governed program, not as a stand-alone IT initiative. IAM is by nature a program where issues arise unexpectedly —don't try to solve everything now
  •   Horror Stories: Why IAM Programs Fail. Be aware of the warning signs! Create a well-crafted vision and articulate it in light of strategic business needs. Continuously re-evaluate this. Run IAM as a program, not as an initiative. Select products only once you're done with the processes and people work
  • Single Sign-On: Start Simply and Inexpensively, THEN Get Fancy. Assess the current environment and pain points. Evaluate anticipated changes to in-scope applications. Assess currently owned services or solutions that can be leveraged to reduce the in-scope applications. Select solutions to resolve the remaining requirements
  • Building a Secure User. Develop a behavior influence plan mindful of reputation and relationships. Introduce change in digestible "chunks". Give employees choices and agency. Insist that executives model the desired behaviors. Build transparency and consistency. Engage, do not dictate. Promote, model, assess, remediate behavior consistently
  • Future-Proofing IAM. Identify items on your legacy IAM road map that should move to your adaptive IAM road map. Update your IAM vision to include the bimodal nature of your IAM program. Challenge your IAM vendor(s) to include adaptive IAM features in their road map. Socialize your bimodal IAM vision to your organization. Create an adaptive IAM team and pilot an adaptive IAM initiative. Encourage them to take risks
  • Giving Your IAM to Someone Else Using IDaaS. Identify your business drivers for moving to IDaaS. Align plans for IDaaS with your sourcing, application purchase, and mobility strategies. Analyze your current costs for managing IAM for the use cases you are considering for IDaaS. Determine suitability of vendors' security and privacy controls and have a back-out plan
  • Leveraging Social Identities to Enable Business: “BYOI”. Accept social identities for low assurance use cases and use adaptive authentication for more sensitive use cases. Use social identities for new and transient relationships. Tell the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) about gaps in the ecosystem 

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- Jon Magers, Information Security Officer Salem Health

Optimize Your Attendance

You'll be able to add these Gartner exclusives to your agenda:

  • Admission to all Keynote sessions
  • Two (30 min) Gartner Analyst One-on-Ones
  • Two Analyst-User Roundtables
  • Two Workshops
  • End-User Case Studies
  • Solution Provider Showcase
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks

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Listen to inspirational guest keynote speakers; hear from Gartner-invited end-user case study speakers – real practitioners with real-world knowledge; and learn from Gartner analysts – the foremost experts in their areas of focus.

Highlighted Speakers From the 2014 Conference

  • Earl Perkins
    Earl Perkins

    Vice President, Gartner

  • Brian Iverson
    Brian Iverson

    Director, Gartner

  • Lori Robinson
    Lori Robinson

    Vice President, Gartner

  • Neil Wynne
    Neil Wynne

    Service Analyst, Gartner

2014 Conference Wrap Up

Gregg Kreizman
Gregg Kreizman

Vice President and Conference Chair, Gartner

At the ninth annual Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, attendees participated in on-site benefits, heard the latest IAM presentations from the Gartner Research community on today’s most pressing topics, attended workshops run by expert analysts and industry leaders, heard real-life experiences during peer case studies, engaged in analyst-user roundtables and one-on-one meetings with Gartner analysts, and checked out the latest solutions at the Solution Showcase.

What We Hear About Our Speakers


- Brendon Wilson Eirnin Consulting


Meet the Solution Providers at the Forefront of IAM

Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit will help you develop a "short list" of technology and service providers who can meet your particular needs. You'll receive exclusive access to some of the world's leading technology and service solution providers in a variety of settings.




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