Gartner Keynote Speaker


Beau Lotto

Neuroscientist and Artist

A globally renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Beau Lotto’s studies in human perception have taken him beyond the scientific domain and into the fields of education, the arts and business. By enabling people to experience what it is to be a scientist, Beau’s aim is to encourage them to see science not as an academic investigation but as a way of being that is relevant to every aspect of their lives: this discovery can be powerful enough to make people think differently about both themselves and the world around them.


Stewart Buchanan

Gartner Opening Keynote: Creative Destruction

As legacy IT costs become uncompetitive or unsustainable in a world that's changing under our feet, organizations need strategies to source newer, more attractive alternatives. Explore new ways of doing things that make better fi nancial sense, now and in the near future as the Gartner Nexus of Forces start to impact our costs. If we stay where we are for too long on increasingly unstable ground, vendors increasing the rent could be the least of our worries!

Gartner Closing Keynote: Maintaining Balance

Despite inciting a rampage of creative destruction, we will present a wealth of advice on how to manage existing costs and risks and get better value from existing vendors. Our challenge is to keep our accounts and our strategies in balance. The key to success in all our related disciplines of fi nancial, procurement asset and vendor management is lifecycle management — working together so we know when and how to drive change for the better.

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