Raise I&O Agility Today. Be Indispensible Tomorrow

The agenda includes in-depth coverage of mobile, cloud, storage operations and other IT forces that are making new demands on Infrastructure and Operations. Attend for expert advice that will help you position I&O as a key contributor to business strategy and competitive advantage.

Discover how Infrastructure & Operations can become an indispensible partner of the business on its journey towards a digital enterprise. At the Summit this journey will be discussed in the context of...

  • Technology enablers — mobility, cloud and analytics
  • IT operations excellence — I&O metrics and process framework adoption
  • Business management — lowering cost, governance and financial management
...that will provide I&O Leaders with the necessary ingredients for success.

Comprehensive Tracks and Sessions

The majority of the agenda is made up of Gartner analyst sessions — research-driven presentations that focus on the issues that matter most in IT today. Leveraging the latest research collected from organizations worldwide, analyst sessions provide real-world information that will help you make better decisions and drive more successful initiatives.

Our Agenda will feature comprehensive tracks to drill down on your hottest topics, with track sessions tagged to help you create a customized agenda based on your role, experience level and key focus.

    Last year's agenda tracks:
    • Lowering Cost, Increasing Business Value
    • IT Operational Excellence
    • Mobile, Client Computing and Networks
    • Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Special Sessions

In addition to our comprehensive tracks, our Agenda also features several special sessions providing opportunities to learn from and interact with Gartner analysts, industry experts and peers, and top solution providers:

  • Keynote Sessions

    Typically presented by non-Gartner industry leaders, these plenary sessions are designed to be entertaining and thought-provoking.

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  • Workshops

    Presented by Gartner or guest experts, these intimate workshops provide an opportunity to drill down on specific "how to" topics in an extended, small group environment. Sessions designed for end users only. Registration required.

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  • End-User Case Studies

    Gartner invites a number of end users to personally present leading-edge case studies and answer questions.

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    Real success stories
    These sponsor-led sessions feature some of the market's most fascinating solutions. You'll hear real-life examples from those who have deployed solutions successfully, including their strategies, challenges and results.

  • Analyst One-on-Ones

    Sit privately for 30 minutes with a Gartner analyst specializing in the topic you'd like to discuss. Many attendees tell us that a one-on-one session is worth the price of admission, all by itself.

  • Analyst-User Roundtables

    Hear how your colleagues from various industries tackle problems similar to yours. These small group discussions provide an informal setting for you and your peers to share insight, challenges and concerns on today's hottest topics.

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  • Town Hall Sessions

    At these lively open Q&A sessions, attendees pose tough questions to a broad panel of Gartner analysts representing selected research areas.

Group Rate Discount

Maximize your learning by attending as a group.