Guest Keynote Speaker

Erik Wahl

Harper Reed

CTO Obama for America

Harper Reed is an hacker/engineer who builds paradigm-shifting tech and leads others to do the same. Harper loves using the enormity of the Internet to bring people together, whether as CTO of Obama for America, CTO at Threadless.com, or on his own projects. Harper and his team created Dashboard, a site that connects volunteer teams and acts as an online component of the field office.

Rob High

Rob High

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, IBM

The future of data analytics is more than merely gleaming data for important information. It's about interacting with computing intelligence to solve unique and difficult problems such as decreasing the cost and increasing the quality of healthcare, providing solid financial advice, and transforming customer service. This mastermind interview with Rob High, IBM Watson CTO and Fellow, will explore the future of data analytics into cognitive computing and its convergence with mobility, social media, and cloud computing.

Rob High

Mike Rayburn

Guitar Virtuoso

In a tight economy (or any economy), you need the most from your people. You need innovation. You need each associate to reach beyond and become, and create, and generate more than they (or you) ever thought possible. You need transformation. Mike Rayburn, a world-class guitarist and stand-up comedian, uses his guitar and comedy to teach three simple, powerful tools you can use immediately and forever to access your unrealized potential, to look at old things in a new way, and to leap beyond your perceived limitations.

Gartner Keynote Speaker

Drue Reeves

Drue Reeves, VP Distinguished Analyst

This keynote explores individually the value of these emerging technologies, and their convergence, which IT organizations must use to develop thought-leading IT services that meet the ever-changing demands of today's complex business environment. There can be no doubt that mobility, cloud computing, big data and social collaboration are reshaping IT and ultimately the way we conduct business.

Case Study Speakers

Jacob Bullock
Adrian Cockcroft
  • Adrian Cockcroft
  • Director of Architecture for the Cloud Systems Team
  • Netflix
  • Speaker Profile
Jeri Erling
  • Jeri Erling
  • Senior Director, Specialty Leasing
  • Westfield, LLC
  • Speaker Profile
Gary Hagen
  • Gary Hagen
  • Principal IT Architect & Senior Manager
  • Amgen, Inc.
  • Speaker Profile
Greg Johnson
  • Greg Johnson
  • Head of Analytics & Consumer Insights
  • Nokia Xpress Internet Services
  • Speaker Profile
Adam Pisoni
  • Adam Pisoni
  • Co-Founder and CTO and GM of Engineering, Microsoft Office Division
  • Yammer
  • Speaker Profile
Saad Rehmani
Steve Rubin
Matt Seif
Thomas Trappler
Odell Tuttle
Ed Vazquez
  • Ed Vazquez
  • Information Security Manager
  • City and County of Denver
  • Speaker Profile
Qua Veda

Gartner Analysts

Ken Agress
Jim Berenbaum
Gunnar Berger
Danny Brian
Matthew Brisse
Larry Cannell
Anton Chuvakin
Mark Cortner
Guy Creese
Mario de Boer
Paul DeBeasi
Michael Disabato
Irma Fabular
Homan Farahmand
Mark E. Gilbert
Erik T. Heidt
Trent Henry
Kyle Hilgendorf
Karen A. Hobert
Carlie J. Idoine
Richard Jones
Sean Kenefick
Eric Knipp
Kirk Knoernschild
Ramon Krikken
Douglas Laney
Eric Maiwald
Anne Thomas Manes
Kim May
Nick Nikols
Jamie Popkin
Bill Pray
Drue Reeves
Simon Richard
Lori Robinson
Lyn Robison
Mike Rollings
Craig Roth
Mary E. Ruddy
Jack Santos
Phil Schacter
Mei Selvage
Svetlana Sicular
Doug Simmons
Nik Simpson
Bob Smock
Darin Stewart
Heidi L. Wachs
Werner Zurcher

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