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Healthcare delivery is going digital

The practice of selecting the most productive, cost-effective and rule-compliant tools is creating a new culture of collaboration between IT leaders, clinicians and procurement officers. Healthcare delivery organization (HDO) CIOs must lead by deploying technologies such as enterprise-wide positive patient identification (PPID) and by developing data storage strategies.

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Healthcare Industry Digital Transformation

The fundamental transformation of the healthcare industry imposes additional complexity and demands on the analytics infrastructure. The entire information architecture will need to be reconfigured to support the massive amounts of data.

What is different in the new inception of information management in digital healthcare? The consumer's experience — not the healthcare enterprise — is at the center. This shift to consumer-centric operations creates massive amounts of data that HDOs are now required to manage and secure more than ever before.

Protecting this data and ensuring its proper flow to improve and ensure the best possible patient outcome is the new reality. A new information architecture is needed to accommodate the volume and types of data being produced. Without this, HDOs face great risk.


HDOs are exhausted by the time and money spent on implementing electronic health records (EHRs). They are not ready for another substantial and expensive effort — producing valuable data

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