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Why Cloud Now?

Handle Massive Amounts of Data with Agility
Cloud helps support digital business for IT leaders who need to reconfigure architecture and applications quickly and be ready to improvise to capture unpredicted opportunities. Read Now

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Read how CIOs with solid cloud strategies are able to spring into action when conditions are right. Use cloud to seize opportunities to achieve digital business success. Learn More

What Is Cloud?

Now Serving Elastic Scalable IT
Find out the opportunities and benefits for CIOs who use cloud as a flexible style of computing and the importance of creating a solid cloud strategy. Watch Now
Get answers to how you and your enterprise architect team can coordinate cloud computing decisions across your organization to align with business goals. Learn More
Take advantage of cloud services as you lead the shift to digital business. Understand trends, identify opportunities and build a solid cloud strategy that meets your business needs. Learn More

Who's In Charge of the Cloud?

Shape Cloud Strategy to Fit Your Leadership Plan
Move everything to cloud services or keep some capabilities on-site? See how wise CIOs like you decide where and when to use cloud to achieve critical business outcomes. Learn More
See how CISOs manage cloud security as hundreds of devices and apps are used across the enterprise. Explore multitenancy, virtualization and SaaS. Learn More
Discover the strengths and weaknesses of traditional and cloud service providers as you seek help to assess, manage, migrate, secure and optimize hybrid IT. Learn More

How Cloud Works

Build a Flexible Future with the Cloud
Embrace the power of an agile, scalable, "cloud-first" mentality and get your organization ready to make the most of spontaneous business opportunities. Learn More
How do you choose a megaprovider to be your strategic cloud IaaS service for the future? 205 evaluation criteria points help make your strategic decision easier. Watch Now
Older applications can work with cloud services on your journey toward digital business. Create your own combination for success and keep things secure along the way. Watch Now

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