innRoad Achieves 5x ROI with Gartner Digital Markets’ Lead Generation

innRoad, a hotel management software provider, serves a niche target market by offering solutions for independent and boutique hotel owners. The company experienced success with paid search but wanted to further expand and diversify its lead gen channels in order to engage more software buyers. 

Ramping up and optimizing lead generation campaigns

In 2014, innRoad launched lead generation campaigns on Gartner Digital Markets’ software review sites to get marketing-ready and sales-qualified leads. The company immediately started collecting marketing-ready leads from the hospitality property management software category and expanded its brand reach into new categories, like vacation rental software. 

To streamline the creation of campaign landing pages and drive higher conversion rates, innRoad also used Gartner Digital Markets’ landing page service. “The conversion rates were looking really good and we were excited about the results,” said Ben Kelley, Senior Marketing Manager at innRoad.

But after some time, the company wanted to ramp up its lead generation strategy. After digging into campaign results, innRoad noticed that sales-qualified leads generated with Gartner Digital Markets were much higher quality. “With the other channels we use, around 20% of leads get disqualified as they come in, but with Gartner Digital Markets, it’s only 5%,” said Kelley.

The company realized there was potential to generate more opportunities for its business with sales-qualified lead campaigns, so it took a closer look at how to get more value out of its strategy. 

The marketing team at innRoad identified ideal customer profiles and established the right criteria for Gartner Digital Markets’ software advisors to qualify leads and ensure every prospect delivered to its sales team is the right fit and ready to buy. 

Increasing lead volume and saving on costs

With a more defined demand generation strategy in place, the company was able to attribute 15% to 20% of its leads to Gartner Digital Markets.

But it’s not just a higher volume of leads that’s led to the company’s success. The cost of opportunities created has been much lower with Gartner Digital Markets than other channels.

Kelley noted that the cost-per-lead from Gartner Digital Markets tends to be 20% lower than what the company experienced in other channels, while presenting a 5X return on investment due to the higher opportunity and close ratios. 

“I’m very happy with Gartner Digital Markets. Our highest quality leads come from the platform and that makes our sales team happy too. The prequalification plays a huge part in our success, and it’s great that we’re able to reach the exact target audience while saving on costs because the leads we get from Gartner Digital Markets are very affordable,” said Kelley. 

Looking to the future, innRoad’s sales team plans to streamline the sales cycle even further by working with Gartner Digital Markets’ software advisors to block time and set appointments with prospects that are ready for a product demo.

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Business impact

With the support of Gartner Digital Markets, innRoad was able to: 

  • Reduce percentage of leads disqualified from 20% to 5%
  • Generate quality leads at 20% cost (compared to other channels)
  • Achieve 5x lead generation ROI
  • Attribute 15% to 20% of its lead volume to Gartner Digital Markets

I’m very happy with Gartner Digital Markets. Our highest-quality leads come from the platform and that makes our sales team happy too.

Ben Kelley

Senior Marketing Manager, innRoad

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