Supply Chain

Q&A: Supply Chain and HR Team Up for Pandemic Response and Future of Work (AEDT)

| 1 hour

The past year’s events showed how mission-critical global supply chains and manufacturing are and that the safety and well-being of the workforce that run them is crucial. The relationship between operations leadership and HR partners came into sharp focus early in the pandemic as they worked together to keep employees safe and plants and supply chains up and running. Join this complimentary webinar as the supply chain VP and HR partner at a major appliance company share their pandemic story: What they've achieved; what they've learned, and what their views are on post pandemic work practices and culture.

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Discussion Topics:
  • Hear about a major appliance company’s best-in-class partnership between a supply chain leader and his HR partner
  • Compare your 2020-21 supply chain workforce response and recovery plans
  • Understand which new ways of working will remain in place post-pandemic
Hosted by

Dana E. Stiffler

VP Analyst

Bill Good

VP Supply Chain, GE Appliances

Tom Quick

VP, Human Resources, GE Appliances