AI, ML, RPA and Hyperautomation

Take the architectural approach to IT automation

Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Automate your IT

Artificial intelligence is a foundational catalyst for advanced process automation and human augmentation and engagement. But, AI and the use of ML models to make autonomous (and automated) decisions raise a new level of concern that an AI system is operating in an ethical and fair manner. EA and TI leaders must be prepared to establish governance principles, policies, best practices and technology architectures to increase transparency and trust regarding data and the use of AI.

Automation is highly dependent on the organization’s existing IT architecture and business practices to be successful. Wether you are leveraging robotic process automation to connect legacy and modern systems or hyperautomation to connect a combination of multiple machine learning, packaged software and automation tools to deliver work.

Aligned track

Track D: Stay Ahead of Emerging Technologies and Trends

Take positions on key emerging technologies and trends to prioritize innovations and impact on your industry and organization. Get a kick start on viewing sessions of interest so you can start building your agenda as soon as you register!

Recommended sessions on the agenda include:

  • Architecting for Augmented Intelligence
  • Rethink DevOps to Succeed in your AI & ML Initiatives
  • How Are You Using AI and ML to Improve Customer Journeys?
  • Machine Learning and AI in Production Applications: Moving Beyond the Science Project
  • Process Mining - a must-have tool for Hyperautomation
  • EA Guide to RPA - From Hype to Reality

Key topics on the agenda include:

  • Accelerating your AI maturity
  • Implementing ML and AI to scale your platforms
  • Cutting through the hype of RPA
  • Implementing ML and AI to scale your platforms
  • Process mining for hyperautomation
  • Scale digital transformation, AI capabilities and new forms of automation, such as RPA

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Gartner Predict

By 2022, 55% of EA programs will be supported by artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled software, freeing enterprise architects for more internal management consultancy work.

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