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A Consulting Clinic is a private session with experienced Gartner Consultants who can help you move confidently from insight to action to impact.

Data and analytics drive the decision-making future

Every organization recognizes that data is a strategic asset. But to realize the full value of data, you need to put it to work.

Paul Haskins

NA Data & Analytics Practice Lead, Gartner Consulting

Choose the topic and area of focus most relevant to your business goals:

Establish Your Role as a Data Leader

  • How do we define scope, responsibilities and boundaries?
  • How do we demonstrate value and impact?
  • Which roles should we hire first, and how should we organize?

Where to start and how to accelerate your path to value with your data and analytics strategy

  • How will impact be prioritized and measured?
  • What capabilities are required and how will we leverage our data ecosystem?
  • What operating model, architecture and delivery models should we choose?

Scale your machine learning and AI from lab to production

  • How will we build a delivery pipeline?
  • Who should be on our project execution team?
  • How will emergent design models be tested, put into production, monitored and optimized?

Turn data assets into decision resources with decision intelligence

  • Which business-critical decisions should we focus on?
  • Which decisions are best suited to decision intelligence?
  • How should algorithms and decisions be governed and managed?

How to implement a successful data literacy program and develop a more data-literate workforce

  • How do we objectively assess current capabilities and approaches?
  • How should we develop a consumable data literacy learning curriculum?
  • How do we measure and operationalize organizationwide data literacy efforts? 

Explore the Gartner Consulting Data & Analytics Practice

We enable you and your team to save time and money and help drive your projects forward by providing benchmarking, expertise and best practices to address your key initiatives.

Hear from our clients

“Gartner’s data literacy program plan talks to the entire business driving key awareness from our CEO to technical staff, outlining their required data literacy levels across key subject areas. Data literacy is now a vital part of our employees’ personal development process.”

Digital Strategist, EMEA (Oil & Gas)

“Gartner provided us with continuous understanding of the complex and changing situation, a trusted partnership and engaged in clear communications.”

Head of Data and Digital Platforms, EMEA Commercial (Banking & FSI)

“The project ran smoothly, and the Gartner team was responsive to questions and concerns that came up. The process was well-mapped-out, and we were able to generate good feedback and conversations. This helped us communicate the value of data governance and management and aligned our stakeholders and leaders on a direction to move forward.”

Data Governance Lead, NA (Healthcare)

“The Gartner project team had a strong turnaround from consultations to product with on-point recommendations and solutions. The project manager became a trusted advisor and showed a strong understanding of data management and analytics as well as how they translate to our organization.”

Executive Director, Analytics Branch, Federal Agency (Canada Public Sector)

Data and analytics leadership

Paul Haskins
NA Data & Analytics
Practice Lead, Gartner Consulting

Simon Greener
EMEA Data & Analytics
Practice Lead, Gartner Consulting

Digital transformation: Accelerate your success

Do you have the right strategy, plan and talent for your digital journey under changed conditions?

Scott Lever

NA Digital Talent and Organization Practice Lead, Gartner Consulting

Choose the topic and area of focus most relevant to your business goals:

Accelerate digital business transformation and outcomes

  • Given our rapidly changing environment, is our roadmap and strategy still valid? How can we maximize the ability to build, assemble and reassemble business elements to rapidly seize market opportunities and respond to disruption and threats while being resilient?
  • How much value is our digital transformation initiative delivering? Where do we stand against our competitors and disruptors?
  • How do we envisage and design exceptional customer experience, and digital products and services delivering the right value to our customers and stakeholders? 

Align operating model

  • How do we adjust our operating model (i.e., structure, ways of working, governance, etc.) to effectively orchestrate digital transformation? 
  • Are we improving on the key metric: time to value?

Change talent and culture

  • Do we have the right skills and competencies, talent processes, analytics and workforce plan to achieve our digital transformation?
  • How do we build the right mindset, culture and change capabilities among our team?

Reimagine the future of work

  • How do we maintain the productivity, collaboration and engagement of remote workers?
  • Do we have the right employee experience, digital workplace vision and roadmap to drive the future of work?
  • How do we manage blended remote and office work practices across policies, processes, people and technology perspectives?

Scale digital technologies and platforms

  • Are we investing in the right digital technologies and platforms?
  • Are we moving to a modern architectural footing (mesh and services, APIs, cloud, etc.)?

Explore the Gartner Consulting Digital Transformation Solutions

Backed by the power of Gartner research, we help you solve your mission-critical strategy, talent and technology problems.

Hear from our clients

“Gartner has been a trusted partner supporting several digital initiatives we led. Gartner supported designing the digital transformation blueprint and supporting operating model for our Digital Solutions division, working closely and collaboratively with me and my leadership team. I always found Gartner team members to be insightful, data- and hypothesis-driven and collaborative, and would recommend them for any digital transformation work.”

President and Global Head of Digital, Global Life Sciences Market Leader

“The Gartner team had great knowledge of the talent management space. The team was willing to patiently listen and respond with recommendations that spoke to the core concerns of the different groups (SMEs, project management team). The presentation skills and preparedness of the team were highly valued.”

Principal Information Systems Analyst, NA (Public Sector)

“The structured approach to the engagement has resulted in an effective, process-driven outcome with clear recommendations and actions to pursue. The straightforward, professional business advice based on a clear and comprehensive understanding of the problem has led to informed and trusted guidance received. In addition, the accessibility of industry-leading expertise and knowledge has been invaluable to the process of planning a clear way forward for the digital transformation of the organization.”

Product Manager, EMEA (Public Sector)

“Gartner displayed its willingness to take into account the specific characteristics of our context when suggesting possible approaches or new strategies toward a more digital organization.”

Project Manager, EMEA (Public Sector)

Digital transformation leadership

Scott Lever
NA Digital Talent and Organization Practice Lead,
Gartner Consulting

Saptarshi Routh
EMEA Digital Business and IT Strategy Practice Lead,
Gartner Consulting

Strategic Cost Optimization: Unlock Opportunities to Reduce and Reallocate IT Spending

CIOs must balance short-term cost responses with the need to sustain innovation funding to excel under the new normal.

Leslie Kues

Senior Expert Partner, Gartner Consulting

Choose the topic and area of focus below most relevant to your business goals:

Strategic cost optimization

  • Do we have a programmatic approach to achieve our cost optimization targets?
  • How do we identify and balance the potential business risks of cutting IT costs?
  • Are we struggling to find opportunities to invest in IT to drive cost reductions?

Vendors and contracts

  • Are our essential vendors offering market competitive pricing?
  • How can we best preserve vendor relationships while optimizing pricing, terms, service levels and scope?
  • Do we have opportunities to eliminate overlapping services or decrease scope without impacting the business?

IT staffing and processes

  • Do we use sourcing, location and alternative delivery models to our advantage?
  • Are we automating in the right places?
  • Are our headcount and skills misaligned with the needs of the business?


  • Do we manage demand from the business?
  • Does our spend on applications align to your business strategy?
  • Have we streamlined processes for development and support?


  • Do we have unused or underutilized assets?
  • Are we delivering a higher service than the business needs?
  • Are we taking advantage of cloud models in the right way?

Explore the Gartner Consulting Strategic Cost Optimization Services

We help you pinpoint the right initiatives to build sustained savings and optimize value — so you can start implementing and realizing benefits.

Hear from our clients

“The skill, cooperation and team spirit of the Gartner consultants were outstanding. We developed an extremely high level of trust and confidence with the individuals we worked with.”

Global Pricing and Benchmark Support, NA (High-Tech and Technology Providers)

“Gartner helped us to understand the benchmarks provided and personalized the results for our industry and relevant peers! It also provided good outside-in perspective and validation of inside initiatives.”

IT Director, EMEA (Technology and Telecom)

“The Gartner Consulting approach was very well-aligned with our core values of collaboration, honesty, openness and trust. This alignment, alongside their valuable experience, wide range of benchmarking data and global SMEs, has enabled Gartner to become a trusted and valued member of our team.”

Commercial Director, EMEA (Energy and Utilities)

“At the end of the engagement, a clear report was delivered, enabling the right IT cost discussion.”

Manager of IT Strategy, Architecture and Innovation, EMEA (Banking, Finance and Insurance)

Strategic cost optimization leadership

Leslie Kues
Senior Expert Partner,
Gartner Consulting

Enterprise Cloud Journey

We can help you to adopt or scale the use and consumption of public cloud services to meet your business needs, no matter your starting point.

Daniel Van Burk

EMEA Practice Lead

Choose the topic and area of focus most relevant to your business goals:

Accelerate your path to value on your enterprise cloud journey

  • From where should we start and incrementally evolve?
  • What capabilities are required, and how will they be delivered?
  • How will value be recognized, and what metrics can be used to effectively measure and communicate progress?

Define a business-aligned cloud strategy and case for change

  • How does cloud support our modernization/digitalization strategy, and what services and functions should cloud enable?
  • Where do we need to adapt and change our existing IT processes?
  • How do we assess cloud providers’ ability to support each of our workloads?

Manage cloud capabilities, including adoption in a broader ecosystem

  • How do we balance centralized and decentralized operations and define a cloud-ready target operating model?
  • Will we benefit from a multi- and hybrid cloud strategy?
  • How do we translate our data compliance and data security strategy to public cloud?

Identify where to optimize cloud costs and expenditure for ongoing adoption

  • How do we optimize our cloud architecture and operating model?
  • How do we optimize and augment existing governance processes and mechanisms?
  • How do we optimize the delivery of our cloud capabilities?

Demonstrate ongoing value of cloud investments and increase cloud maturity

  • How do our cloud capabilities support revenue and margin improvements?
  • How can our cloud capabilities empower the modernization of our application portfolio?
  • How can we achieve a high level of security and resiliency in the cloud?

Explore the Gartner Enterprise Cloud Journey Solution

We can help you to adopt or scale the use and consumption of public cloud services to meet your business needs, no matter your starting point

Hear from our clients

“Gartner is very easy and flexible to work with. The many ideas shared during the Consulting program helped lead to a successful outcome and next steps. Gartner’s innovative approach and sharing of ideas was a very constructive way of working even during challenging situations.”

Head of Cloud CoE, EMEA Nordics (Technology and Telecom)

“The Gartner team was flexible and reasonable when it became clear we should consider a change in direction. The expertise and insight they provided was eye-opening and has significantly shifted our overall cloud and data center strategy.”

Technology Solutions Manager, NA (Public Sector)

“The Gartner delivery team provided professionalism, expertise and trustful collaboration through the cloud application assessment and roadmap development.”

Cloud Center of Excellence Team Leader, EMEA (Banking, Finance and Insurance)

“The Gartner team provided a steady influence and deep set of industry and technology experience as our trusted partner in defining our multi-cloud strategy and roadmap in an ever-changing set of business conditions.”

Chief Architect, NA (Retail)

Enterprise Cloud Journey Experts

Razab Chowdhury
Global Cloud Solution Lead

Patrick Connelly
NA Practice Lead

Daniel Van Burk
EMEA Practice Lead

Gartner Consulting serves CIOs and other senior executives through technology-related strategy engagements to optimize technology investments and drive business impact. 

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