Strategic Consulting Solutions

Fuel business growth

Solidify your strategic decisions by leveraging Gartner research insights and proprietary data assets. Achieve exceptional results against mission-critical priorities with independent insights, advice and tools from our industry and solution experts. Embrace digital by harnessing IT to fuel business growth.

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Equip your organization to thrive in a digital economy by:

  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Developing innovative solutions rapidly
  • Driving down operational costs through smart technologies

Our real-time analytics and insights will help you penetrate new markets and evolve your digital capabilities to facilitate differentiated engagement with customers, employees and partners.

Nurture innovation and growth in your organization by making your technology, processes and people future-ready. We help you enrich these core assets to deliver business value faster and increase return on solution investments, plus scale your capabilities to support your organization’s strategy and needs. 

Identify and realize pertinent cost savings opportunities for your technology investments. Thanks to our end-to-end programmatic approach and the world’s largest benchmark database, we can help you develop a robust and continuous cost optimization program. Our client-specific baseline and research-based cost optimization initiatives can sustain your cost savings and drive continuous improvements.

We help you manage business risks through the creation and operation of a systematic, comprehensive approach to security for proper identification of threats to, and vulnerabilities of, your technology investments. We conduct in-depth assessments and benchmarking to ensure you have the right supplier for the right price to achieve your security goals.

We help you ride the growth wave in the technology market by providing insights for capturing relevant market opportunities based on current offerings, customer base and capabilities. Our fact-supported recommendations and deep understanding of competitive intensity, plus our ability to address demanding buyer needs, help you leverage the best opportunities in the technology market.