External Communication: Brand Preference and Personalization

Develop an effective communication strategy to drive brand preference.

Communication leaders struggle to create an effective brand connection

Only one out of four stakeholders can see the difference between the competing brands. This suggests that the effort organizations put into differentiating their brand from competitors is mostly a toss-up. Communication leaders are constantly striving to better understand audiences and curate personalized content for them. While they believe that more personalization will enable them to engage the target audience effectively, our research finds that it doesn’t necessarily produce the desired results. The key to driving brand preference is brand connection, and the best way to support that connection is to demonstrate personal benefits.

Primarily, Gartner research helped us to be on the right track. It helped us focus on the right capabilities, digitize our system and enhance individual development.

Anders Schroll

Vice President, Corporate Communication & Public Affairs, H. Lundbeck A/S

Build an effective brand communication strategy

Consumers value personalized experiences designed to help their purchases, but so far, very few brands have been able to provide them. Organizations that focus their personalized messaging around helping their target audiences can expect 16% more impact on commercial outcomes than those that don’t. The solution is to first identify and prioritize what categories of personalized content will be most useful for consumers, and then build a portfolio of tools that can be used to deliver specific types of help.

Insights you can use

Organizations that successfully orient their brand positioning and messaging around personal benefits drive significantly higher levels of preference than those that don’t. Winning corporate brands provides audiences with personal benefits that make them feel better about themselves. Get the insights and tools to start building or enhance your corporate communications strategy.

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