Employee engagement and performance communication

Develop an effective employee communications strategy to drive commitment and performance.

Few communicators are making headway

Communications leaders still struggle to bridge the gap between strategy formulation and day-to-day implementation. Our research shows that only 6% of communications executives feel confident in their ability to manage declining levels of employee engagement. The key to an engaged workforce is to design and implement communications solutions that enable and empower employees.

Primarily, Gartner research helped us to be on the right track. It helped us focus on the right capabilities, digitize our system and enhance individual development.

Anders Schroll

Vice President, Corporate Communication & Public Affairs, H. Lundbeck A/S

Build an effective employee engagement plan

Helping employees understand how their work connects to the goals of others and the company can improve performance by up to 10%. To ensure success, communications teams must provide employees with the information to help them actively engage with corporate strategy and build an understanding of how individual and team work will impact organizational outcomes. Learn how to drive employee performance by aligning their individual goals to company objectives.

Insights you can use

Engaged employees are far more likely to demonstrate the commitment and dedication that are essential to the sustainable growth of an organization. Well-designed information can go a long way in helping employees demonstrate desired behaviors. Gartner’s research provides crucial insights into the communications function as well as the best tools to help you drive employee performance.

Uncover the key drivers of an effective communication plan

Despite being comparatively new, communications functions today play as big a part as their more established peers in ensuring organizational success in what are increasingly complex and volatile operating conditions. Create a successful communications strategy to drive employee efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Shape organizational culture to embrace change

A changing business environment puts greater demands on communications. Understand how to influence employee and performance during organizational transformation.

Assess the effectiveness of employee engagement plan

A changing business environment puts greater demands on communications. Learn how to build effective measurement into your plans.

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Building organizational capabilities

Jon Peet is Head of Corporate Communications at Nokia. In this video, he talks about how Gartner helped him improve the overall capability of his function without any additional increase in the number of resources.

Gartner topic experts

Gartner’s communications experts combine industry experience with research expertise. Meet a few of our leaders.

Alexandra Earl
Senior Director, Advisory

Iliyana Hadjistoyanova
Senior Principal, Research

Dorian Cundick
VP, Advisory

Elizabeth Barrett
VP, Team Manager

Brianna Lux
Senior Principal, Advisory

Emmett Fitzpatrick
Senior Principal, Advisory

Florence Mann
Specialist, Advisory

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Our research helps communications leaders optimize communications structure and skills within their teams and organizations, prioritize high-value work and connect it to strategic goals in clear and meaningful ways.