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Effective communication is getting harder to achieve

Communications leaders are under constant pressure to influence stakeholder perceptions and behaviors to drive business outcomes. At the same time, 46% of communications leaders consider audience information overload a key challenge — making it ever more difficult to cut through the noise and affect tangible change. 

Improving the capability of the function without increasing resources is absolutely critical to the success of the person leading the function. Gartner has helped me improve my capability overall — it’s as simple as that.

Jon Peet

Head of Corporate Communications, Nokia

How we address your top challenges

Increased change, complexity and need for transparency have increased the demand on the time and resources of the communications function. Our research and tools help you meet these expectations and drive business outcomes.

Build a comms strategy that supports corporate success

Forty-six percent of communications staff don’t feel that their role allows for significant business impact. The solution is to align communications initiatives to corporate objectives, ensuring the functional strategy tangibly contributes to wider business goals.

Align employees to company objectives to drive performance

Communications leaders list aligning employee behaviors to organizational values and strategy as one of their top mission-critical priorities in 2019. Yet only 9% of communications leaders feel confident in their ability to shape corporate culture.

Take a stance and navigate changing audience expectations

Fifty-seven percent of communicators feel that protecting their reputation in the face of polarizing issues is of the utmost urgency. With mounting pressure to engage in contentious societal issues, navigating new audience expectations has never been more important.

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