Guide Perceptions and Behaviors

Drive business outcomes with clear and impactful narratives

Communications must influence perceptions and behaviors

Increased change, complexity and need for transparency in the business environment have increased the demand on the time and resources of the communications function. As organizations and audiences become ever more diverse, the most effective communications teams balance the need for global consistency with local relevance to command attention and influence perceptions and behaviors.

How we address your top challenges

Communications leaders are under constant pressure to influence stakeholder perceptions and behaviors to drive business outcomes. Our research and insights, rooted in the challenges and topics our clients deem most important, can help you and your team save time and make better decisions that impact your day-to-day activities as well as longer-term strategic initiatives. 

Drive partner alignment

Reduce the risk of failed business initiatives by ensuring communicators correctly align with business partners and influence critical stakeholder behaviors. Benchmark your team’s capabilities using our diagnostic tools, skills assessments and best-practice guidance.

Build organizational capabilities

Improve business outcomes through more strategic and effective stakeholder communications and key processes. Grow your team’s capabilities in this area with our training resources, executive meetings and advisory services.

Allocate resources for sustainable growth

Reduce communications costs without sacrificing impact by effectively prioritizing projects, examining budget allocations and evaluating structures and roles. Stay ahead of changing business priorities and global trends with our research and toolkits.

Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,000 organizations in 100+ countries.

Gartner is a trusted advisor and an objective resource for more than 15,600 organizations in 100+ countries.

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