Welcome to Digital Markets

Learn about the shared mission, values and the experiences that brought us to where we are today, and the ones influencing where we’re headed next.

We saw a need

It’s hard to find the right software — especially when you’re a small business. The software market is vast, and Gartner has historically geared its research to meet the needs of large enterprises. That said, we’ve always wanted to help the millions of small businesses around the world benefit from credible information, guidance and feedback specifically tailored to their unique needs.

That gave us an idea

Gartner’s objectivity, independence and buyer-focused research could help bridge the gap between small-to-medium business buyers and the software vendors eager to reach that audience.

Now it’s our mission

By acquiring Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice, we now equip the millions of software buyers who visit these sites every month with the unbiased information they need to make great purchasing decisions. These platforms provide every vendor — whether they pay us or not — a way to connect with that buying audience. By virtue of our industrywide buyer insights, we can also help software companies learn how to efficiently attract customers, build brand advocates and grow revenue.


Meet the Digital Markets family of brands

Founded: 1999
Based in: Arlington, VA
First office: Basement
Joined the family: 2015

Capterra is the go-to source for software buyers to orient to the marketplace, compare product profiles, read unbiased industry research and rely on verified user reviews to generate their software product shortlist.

Founded: 2010
Based in: Barcelona, Spain
First office: Sailboat
Joined the family: 2015

GetApp is the go-to resource for tech-savvy buyers who are especially interested in evaluating key product features such as security, integration capabilities, ease of implementation and more.

Founded: 2005
Based in: Austin, TX
First office: Hotel room
Joined the family: 2014

Software Advice is the go-to resource for busy buyers who prefer to interact with an advisor for one-on-one support tailored to their specific software-related business needs.