2023 Global Software Buying Trends

Explore actionable insights on B2B buyer behavior and how software providers need to adapt.

In 2023, nearly 70% of SMBs are planning to spend more on tech to drive operational efficiency. But how these businesses research, evaluate and adopt new technology is shifting — fast.

This report features exclusive data on the changing priorities of B2B software buyers uncovered as part of the Gartner Digital Markets’ 2023 SMB Software Buying Trends Survey. It will help technology providers understand buyers’ needs and behavior at each stage of the purchase journey to drive higher conversion rates across the funnel.

Download this resource to anticipate the trends most likely to impact your marketing and sales teams and get actionable insights on how to adjust your strategies.

You will learn:

  • Software investment trends. How macroeconomic factors catalyze demand for software.

  • Shifts in the software buying journey. How business leaders are researching, evaluating, selecting and purchasing software.

  • Key actions for software providers. How to identify risks and opportunities for your organization and create future-proof strategies. 

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