New Integration: Buyer Discovery + 6sense

August 8, 2023
Contributor: Danika Schmidt

Increase visibility in 6sense with intent data from Gartner Digital Markets

While demand for software remains high, business leaders—in order to realize the full value of their investment—are taking more time to align with more cross-functional leaders, including finance, before a making purchase decision.

Software marketing and sales teams feel pressure to accelerate purchase decisions, mitigate risk of pipeline fallout from late-stage deals, and retain spending customers. But at a certain point, simply doing more has diminishing returns. Recent Gartner research shows:

  • 71% of CMOs lack the budget to fully execute their strategy
  • Nearly 90% of sellers are burned out from work

It’s clear revenue teams need to change how their functions work to create sustainable (a.k.a. predictable) growth. Efficient growth is the name of the game. Many have invested in analytics platforms, deal sensing capabilities, or all-in-one, account-based marketing platforms, to help them align on the right accounts, avoid wasted time, and maximize spend. 

Today, Gartner Digital Markets furthers clients’ shift toward predictable growth with the announcement of an intent data integration between 6sense and Buyer Discovery.

Combining Buyer Discovery with 6sense

The new 6sense integration supports Gartner Digital Markets’ efforts to help software marketers optimize program spend and steer sales toward in-market prospects, accelerating efficient growth. 

6sense provides purpose-built AI and big data designed to pinpoint the accounts that matter most so software providers can reduce the costs of missed opportunities and mistimed engagement.

Together, Buyer Discovery and 6sense give marketers a more complete view of the accounts that matter with added visibility into buying behavior from over 100 million B2B software buyers visiting Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice annually.  

When asked about the decision to pursue an integration, Product Manager, Guillermo Padilla said, “We learned that 6sense, like ourselves, values data quality in their approach to capturing buyer activity and modeling it for intent. It was clear an integration would enhance our joint customers’ experience by centralizing their intent sources in one place for increased market visibility, ease of orchestration, and ability to measure impact.

During a six-week beta program, clients using the integration experienced a blend of benefits, including:

Since integrating Buyer Discovery with 6sense, we’ve reduced our CPL 25% and increased the volume 49% on programmatic advertising campaigns over the last 4 weeks. It’s early days, but we’re happy to have the added visibility into our dark funnel and all of our intent in one place. We look forward to following the downstream success with our sales team.

Laura Hansford

Global Head of ABM, Sage
How it works

Buyer Discovery integrates with the 6sense Revenue AI platform, specifically the Segments module. Joint customers of Buyer Discovery and 6sense set up the integration in minutes, and in 48 hours they’re able to build segments in 6sense using five proprietary signals:

They layer these signals with firmographic filters, their own first-party intent, and other relevant attributes to align Buyer Discovery intent signals to their funnel. As new companies flow into the segment each day, participants orchestrate tactics to guide business leaders at those accounts to identify themselves or connect with their sales teams– programmatic advertising, Linkedin matched audiences, sales automation sequences, and marketing email nurtures.

While their omnichannel programs run, the 6sense Segment Performance Report allows us to follow accounts as they progress through buying stages and associate pipeline development- with each account researching relevant products. Below is an example of the Segment Performance Report.

You don’t have to choose between accelerating growth or efficiency.

Pull back the curtain on your dark funnel and accelerate efficient growth with Buyer Discovery in 6sense.

About Buyer Discovery, Gartner Digital Markets' Intent Data 

100M+ business leaders power their companies by finding the right software and services on Gartner Digital Markets’ global platform for reviews. Our category-specific intent data, Buyer Discovery, uncovers buying signals from over 60 in-language sites, so you find the companies in-market for software like yours and accelerate efficient (a.k.a. predictable) growth. 

With Buyer Discovery’s insights and firmographic details, software marketers: 

  • Detect companies researching software like yours
  • Run leaner, higher-performing marketing programs 
  • Steer sales toward the in-market accounts that matter
  • Retain customers exploring competing products near renewal cycles

When combined with Gartner’s rigorous standards for methodology and data modeling, Buyer Discovery’s predictive model more accurately predicts buyers’ intent than alternatives in the market.

Danika Schmidt

Danika Schmidt is a Product Marketing Manager at Gartner Digital Markets. She leads the go-to-market strategy for Buyer Discovery Intent Data. She leverages 10+ years of tech marketing, sales, and analytics experience to fuel growth. Connect with Danika on Linkedin.

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