Buyer Discovery Integrates With LinkedIn Matched Audiences

February 20, 2023
Contributor: Danika Schmidt

Build your best-performing audiences on the world’s largest professional network with intent data from Gartner Digital Markets!

Software purchase decisions have grown more complex, especially as more business functions outside of IT increase investments in their tech stack to gain operational efficiencies in these leaner times. 

Our research shows that larger buying committees are evaluating more software providers in less time than they have in recent years, which affirms Gartner’s prediction that businesses would accelerate digital innovation in case of an official recession. 

Software purchase decision data

To move at these breakneck speeds, business leaders are relying more on independent, third-party resources like review sites, expert reports, and their professional networks to feel confident about their purchase decision. Software marketers will need to action early buying signals from these trusted resources to respond to the evolving buying landscape.

Today, Gartner Digital Markets combines the power of these trusted sources as we announce an intent data integration with LinkedIn Matched Audiences! 

About Gartner Digital Markets intent data

More than nine million business leaders every month power their businesses by finding the right software and services on Gartner Digital Markets’ global network for reviews. Our intent data solution, Buyer Discovery, uncovers buying signals from millions of businesses every year. It reveals those looking at your products, your competitors, pricing, product alternatives, features and customer reviews.  

With these insights and firmographic details, software marketers can: 

  • Identify companies researching their software or others in their category.
  • Build leaner, higher-performing campaigns by targeting in-market companies.
  • Create natural-feeling buying experiences that guide higher quality opportunities to sales.
  • Retain customers exploring competing products near renewal cycles. 

When combined with rigorous standards from Gartner for methodology and data modeling, Buyer Discovery’s predictive model more accurately predicts buyers’ intent than alternatives in the market.

Buyer Discovery has been a strong addition to our tech stack. Our software has a very large total addressable market, and Buyer Discovery allows us to narrow our focus by highlighting the accounts that will move the needle for us. We're seeing more meetings progress to opportunities than other intent sources we're using, which speaks to the quality of the data and accuracy of the predictive model. We've already returned our investment, and we plan to find new ways to use the data.

Brent Ghione

Director of Sales Development, Intelagree

Combining Buyer Discovery with LinkedIn Matched Audiences

The new LinkedIn Matched Audiences integration furthers our efforts to help software marketers optimize program spend and create efficiencies, fueling marketing-led growth. It allows marketers to refresh their target audiences daily with hot prospects and tailor content to meet buyers where they are in their journey. Imagine reducing wasted resources every day by targeting decision makers at companies closer to purchase with the content they want to see. It’s a no-brainer! 

During the eight-week pilot program, clients like ThinkData Works saw significant improvements on key campaign metrics. 

We’ve had a positive experience with the Buyer Discovery LinkedIn integration so far. Within the first six weeks, we significantly increased lead generation and reduced our cost per lead roughly 45%. We’ve started sharing highly engaged accounts with sales as we identify them. In 2023, we plan to continue using Buyer Discovery to target our ideal customers on LinkedIn and align with sales more closely to fuel their pipeline.

Fernanda Sobreira

Senior Manager of Demand Generation, ThinkData Works

More than 30 clients are already using this integration to level up their account-based marketing and lead generation efforts, observing a blend of other benefits, including:

Benefits of integration

How it works

Clients set up the integration in minutes and apply data filters to match audiences with their ideal customer profile and funnel segment. 

For example, a company with high intent and high product awareness would be ideal for a lead generation campaign with the Schedule Demo goal. From there, publish the segment to LinkedIn Campaign Manager, and we’re off to the races! 

Gartner Digital Markets Manage Audience Dashboard Preview

The audience will appear in LinkedIn Campaign Manager as “Building,” where it can be flighted into a campaign once the status says “Ready” in 48 to 72 hours. 

Webinar: Using Intent Data for Linkedin Matched Audiences

We’re thrilled to help software marketers learn more about this integration and its real customer applications from Douglas Keith, Buyer Discovery Sr. Product Manager, and Danika Schmidt, Product Marketing Manager, in our on-demand webinar:

On-Demand Webinar: Reach the Right Prospects — Using Intent Data for Linkedin Matched Audiences

Danika Schmidt

Danika Schmidt is a Product Marketing Manager at Gartner Digital Markets. She leads the go-to-market strategy for Buyer Discovery Intent Data. She leverages 10+ years of tech marketing, sales, and analytics experience to fuel growth. Connect with Danika on Linkedin.

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