Careficient Closes 50% of Leads Generated with Gartner Digital Markets

Careficient, an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software company, had a small sales team and needed to scale growth quickly. With no lead generation campaigns in place and a limited budget, it was difficult for the company to fill its pipeline with sales-ready leads. Careficient was looking to increase the number of sales qualified leads, establish brand recognition, and build a more predictable sales pipeline for its business. Working with a small sales team, Careficient’s top priority was generating more leads within its target audience that would convert. 

In 2022, Careficient launched pay-per-lead (PPL) lead generation campaigns on Software Advice—one of Gartner Digital Markets’ software review sites—and immediately started to collect high-quality leads. Within a couple months, Careficient was closing 50% of the leads it received from Software Advice. 

Brad Caldwell, Chief Operating Officer at Careficient, attributes the company’s close-rate success to the seamless integration of PPL campaigns with its CRM and the tenacity of its sales team to set up demos and close deals fast. “We’re 100% metric-driven, so we get a lot of value from Gartner Digital Markets’ integration with Salesforce and ability to follow that lead path. We also know that reaction time is important considering we also know that there are three to five other competitors out there that our prospects are considering,” said Caldwell. 

Careficient not only generated and closed highly qualified leads with Gartner Digital Markets, it also collected verified reviews from its customers. Caldwell said, “We maximize what we do with Gartner Digital Markets to see a return on investment. We don’t only use Gartner Digital Markets for lead generation, but we also utilize Review Collection Service so we can get honest assessments about our product and start seeing more of our value propositions.” Additionally, Careficient found that these reviews provided insight on issues its customers were experiencing and was able to address them more quickly.

In the last three years, Careficient experienced over 370% growth. Its success with the Pay-Per-Lead Lead Generation program came from Software Advice’s accurate pre-qualification data and lead notes, so its lean sales team could focus on closing deals. "[Software Advice] is very much an extension of the sales team, they are quick to respond and have been a very effective part of our qualification process. Our best advocates have come from customer reviews that establish brand trust and credibility, making happy customers part of the conversation," said Hellen Pileski, Director of Marketing at Careficient. 

By partnering with Gartner Digital Markets, Careficient was able to get more leads that would convert from its demand generation efforts, dramatically improving the company’s ability to scale growth. Looking to the future, Careficient plans to continue using Gartner Digital Markets as an extension of its sales team to accelerate growth!

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With the support of Gartner Digital Markets, Careficient was able to: 

  • Close 50% of leads from its PPL campaign
  • Build brand trust and establish credibility by collecting customer reviews
  • Use precise pre-qualification data to get leads based on segment
  • Build a more predictable sales pipeline

The value in Gartner Digital Markets is the credibility we receive as a software business by partnering with [them]. Gartner Digital Markets dominates paid and organic searches so we are confident that we are building brand recognition in a space where the buyers are actively searching for software.

Brad Caldwell

COO, Careficient

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