Driving Demand
Gen Efficiency: Strategies For Lean Growth

On Demand | 40 minutes

Despite economic headwinds, demand for software is at an all-time high in 2023. So how can marketing leaders capture existing demand while remaining efficient?

In this webinar, Gartner Digital Markets will share how our platform and services can help you do more with less, reach profitability sooner, and accelerate your company’s growth as economies rebound.

Watch the webinar and learn how we support your growth at every stage with:

  • Complimentary tools to build your brand through reviews
  • Campaigns that shorten your sales cycle and deliver sales-ready leads
  • Intent data to optimize your funnel and spot opportunities earlier

Alison Wong

Sr. Product Marketing Specialist, Gartner Digital Markets

Michael Kotchish

VP of Sales, Gartner Digital Markets


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