How to Answer Your Customers’ Questions Before They’re Asked

November 8, 2019
Contributor: Sara Hartanov

Increase lead quality and answer customer questions by featuring product and pricing information on your landing page.

Securing a good first impression in front of prospective software buyers hinges almost entirely on the strength of the vendor’s online presence. And a meaningful online presence in the world of software starts with a strong profile on Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice.

That profile content is often the only resource buyers have to learn more about a company and product before deciding to reach out. Our team considers a profile to be strong when it includes complete company information — especially pricing details — and quality reviews.

Prequalify leads through profile content

A strong profile benefits software buyers throughout their research process and has a direct effect on the quality of the leads you collect. Software buyers use complete vendor profiles to evaluate product offerings and determine whether a particular product can solve their specific business challenges. For vendors, a completed profile acts as a top-line filter for leads and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Providing enough information enables buyers to filter themselves based on common nonnegotiables such as price range, product features and integrations. That filtering process will naturally increase the quality of your traffic by helping buyers identify themselves as a good fit.

The elephant in the room: Product price

Software buyers have access to more information online than ever before, and that access has changed the buying process. Buyers now expect to readily find more information about products when conducting their initial research. We’ve found that pricing information consistently ranks as the most-clicked aspect across our vendor profiles. We know that price is an important factor in the buying process, but I’ve found that not all software vendors are comfortable with publishing pricing information online. By omitting pricing details, you could turn away buyers who may assume your product is out of their budget range. It’s not always necessary to include specific product pricing. Instead, use language such as “Starting at $399/month,” which still helps buyers while also acting as a prequalifier for leads.

Software buyers continue to value reviews

Show off customer reviews to round out your profile information and boost site visibility and conversion rates. Customer reviews only continue to gain importance as today’s buyers reference at least 10 reviews before making a purchase decision. It’s not enough to simply have 10 reviews on your profile. Collect recent reviews — written within the past six months, at least — to attract and retain buyer attention.

The software buying process includes narrowing down options based on functionality and feature fit, pricing and user reviews. And with 70% of the purchase process completed before you make a connection, it’s vital to maintain an online presence in the form of a complete profile.

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Sara Hartanov 

Sara Hartanov manages the Client Success team at Gartner Digital Markets. When she’s not studying up on inbound marketing best practices, she loves trying new restaurants, exploring the outdoors with her energetic toddler, and spending time with family in Arlington, Va. Connect with Sara on LinkedIn.


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