Reach the Right Prospects: Using Intent Data for LinkedIn Matched Audiences

On Demand | 40 minutes

For two decades, LinkedIn has empowered software marketers to reach their buyers. But what happens when you couple LinkedIn’s reach with intent data from software review websites?

The answer is LinkedIn’s integration with Gartner Digital Markets’ intent data. This integration enhances your LinkedIn campaigns with data from nine million visitors on the No. 1 platform for software reviews.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how software marketers apply this integration to create more performative campaigns. You'll learn:

  • How intent data boosts performance for LinkedIn campaigns.
  • How to create LinkedIn Matched Audiences based on intent data.
  • Real strategies from businesses that have seen success with this approach.

Gain a competitive advantage by targeting engaged buyers from Gartner Digital Markets on LinkedIn. 


Danika Schmidt
Marketing Program Manager
Douglas Keith
Senior Product Manager

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