Kangarootime Achieves 26% Lead-to-Opportunity Conversion Rate with Gartner Digital Markets

Kangarootime, a child care management software company, provides a niche product to a very targeted small-to-midsize business (SMB) audience. As a young company looking to grow quickly in the software market, Kangarootime needed a way to increase brand awareness and visibility so that it could expand its customer base. Kangarootime’s goal was to establish a strong brand reputation in the childcare management software space and generate more high-quality leads while managing its cost per lead. 

In 2020, Kangarootime launched a PPC lead generation campaign on Capterra — a Gartner Digital Markets’ software review site — and immediately started to collect high-quality leads. “Capterra plays a key role in terms of demand generation when it comes to the SMB businesses we’re trying to reach,” said Rich Sherry, VP, Global Marketing, at Kangarootime.

While Kangarootime used other channels for advertising and lead generation, it noticed some of the best quality leads came from Gartner Digital Markets’ lead generation offering. The company attributed a large part of its success to the high volume of software-specific traffic on Capterra. “Gartner Digital Markets provided us with the opportunity to not only find people who are searching for our software, but buyers who are specifically interested in software within our industry,” said Marissa Schneggenburger, Senior Marketing Manager, Copywriting and Content, at Kangarootime. Targeting software-specific traffic allowed Kangarootime to generate high-quality, midfunnel leads that converted faster. With Gartner Digital Markets, the company was able to shorten its sales cycle and achieve a lead-to-opportunity conversion rate of 26%. 

To further accelerate growth, Kangarootime used several other Gartner Digital Markets offerings: the Review Collection Service enabled them to collect customer reviews and feature them in marketing collateral; and the Digital Marketing Services helped them to optimize landing pages and leverage lead generation forms that seamlessly integrated into their CRM. It only took two to three days to build a fully optimized landing page, and their conversion rate went from 1% to 12% within a month of the new landing page going live. Kangarootime is looking forward to a continued partnership with Gartner Digital Markets and the various offerings they provide!

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With the support of Gartner Digital Markets, Kangarootime was able to: 

  • Reach more child care management software buyers
  • Generate more high-quality, midfunnel leads
  • Achieve lead-to-opportunity conversion rates of 26%
  • Increase landing page click-to-lead conversion rates from 1% to 12% within a month
  • Collect 79 customer reviews to be used in marketing collateral

Over time, we saw that our conversion rates were really high on Capterra, and that Gartner Digital Markets was the highest-quality lead generation channel we had.

Marissa Schneggenburger

Senior Marketing Manager, Copywriting and Content, Kangarootime

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