How Captures Demand with Gartner Digital Markets

On Demand | 25 minutes

In a competitive marketplace, software providers face growing challenges to capture buyer attention.

But since launching its product in 2014, has distinguished itself within the crowded project management space and beyond.

This in-depth interview shares the experiences of’s User Acquisition team, and how Gartner Digital Markets helps them achieve their goals of building buyer confidence and growing traffic.

Discover how, like, you too can:

  • Reach high-intent buyers at scale
  • Expand your reach to in-market buyers
  • Boost brand value with customer reviews

Gain insight into how achieves its goals with Gartner Digital Markets.

Ido Kirshenboim

User Acquisition Team Lead,

Haim Fogel

User Acquisition Manager,

Tom Cox

Senior Marketing Specialist, Gartner Digital Markets

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