Software Market Insights: Information Technology (IT) Architecture and Security

Explore this guide for software and SaaS providers to position their IT architecture and security solution.

Increasing digitalization, adoption of remote work and growing use of public cloud have made organizations more prone to cybersecurity risks. Businesses are scaling up their IT architecture and security systems to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities ahead of time. Gartner forecasts security software will be one of the top three fastest-growing segments in the enterprise infrastructure market by 2026. To capture this opportunity, software marketers must understand businesses' challenges and technology investment approaches to build a more relevant and successful engagement strategy.

This resource features exclusive data on the IT architecture and security software market uncovered as part of the Gartner Digital Markets 2022 Global Software Buyer Trends Survey, providing trends and actionable insights into B2B buyers’ shifting needs and behaviors across dozens of countries and industries.

Download this guide to understand the IT architecture and security software purchase journey, and maximize your sales and marketing efforts to convert more prospects into customers.

You will learn:

  • The market trends shaping IT architecture and security software adoption. Discover business technology trends impacting software investment and how providers can capture buyers' interest on a global scale.
  • Key priorities and behaviors of software buyers. Build a viable go-to-market and sales strategy as IT architecture and security software purchase preferences evolve within a self-driven, nonlinear buyer journey.
  • How to better engage buyers in a fast-growing marketplace. Leverage recommendations to establish a powerful brand presence and build a solid customer base.

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