Using Customer Reviews to Build Brand Reputation


RavenCSI wanted to increase awareness of their platform and differentiate themselves from their competition in the competitive survey software industry. Customer reviews from trusted sites like Capterra, GetApp and Software Advice allow organizations like RavenCSI to obtain an overall trust rating and the ability to review customer feedback individually. Having this capability provides prospective customers with confidence in their software, increases RavenCSI’s brand reputation and provides an additional feedback mechanism to continuously improve their platform. 

Gartner Digital Markets supported RavenCSI through our free Review Collection Service with incentivized review forms. RavenCSI collected reviews from users by offering users a gift card (see the Incentivized Reviews Policy) in exchange for submitting a verified review. By collecting reviews, RavenCSI gained more visibility in the marketplace and increased their number of weekly qualified leads. 

Business impact

With the support of Gartner Digital Markets, RavenCSI was able to: 

  • Collect 11 trusted customer reviews in two months

  • Provide gift card incentives to users who submitted a verified review to increase participation

  • Gather ideas to improve their platform based on shared customer feedback

  • Increase credibility in the software marketplace

Survey software

Review collection service

Company type:

Gartner Digital Markets is the industry standard and being listed with a solid set of reviews on their sites is fundamental to being successful in the SaaS and software space, as well as being seen as a trusted brand.

Brian Boyette

Owner, RavenCSI

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